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Look beautiful on this holiday season

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Look beautiful on this holiday season

Beautiful skin? Luscious Lips? Bright and deep Eyes? Here are some very simple but magical tips so you can look great on this holiday, just take a look at these recommendations and see how inexpensively you can see super attractive.


The hydrated, healthy and smooth skin is certainly very attractive. In normal skin, we recommend exfoliation before bathing to go to a party. To do this, apply green clay over and wash your skin well. Then, apply a mask depending on your skin: if it’s fatty, a mask of yogurt with honey will come a great; if it’s dry, apply with avocado, yogurt and a few drops of olive oil (this mask is also very well for hair if you add a tablespoon of mayonnaise). If you have blackheads, we recommend exfoliating with oatmeal the areas with this problem; if you have acne or pimples, use green clay and colloidal silver on your skin after washing the clay, and then aloe cream or honey. After showering let your skin rest an hour or two without makeup, then if you want to cover spots or some outbreaks, use natural makeup gently fin your face and a press powder of your skin tone. Then apply a little blush on the cheeks and chin extending well, remembering that the better makeup is ... the more natural!


If your hair is dry, brittle or looks dull and unhealthy, we recommend applying a mask of avocado and extra virgin olive oil; leave it on your hair for half an hour. Then thoroughly wash your hair. We recommend a good cut for these dates, remember that no matter how is your hairstyle, but it has to look neat and clean.


Sexy lips are one of the most attractive parts in both men and women. The flakes, dry or chapped lips, etc., make the lips look awful. To fix this, keep your lips well hydrated with a good cream. If you're a woman, wax above the lips to avoid a mustache. The worst thing for lips is to get them wet with saliva, so avoid this. If you feel them dry, apply a little aloe or cocoa butter. The fashion lips on this season are light shades, but these must be combined with the eyes. If you are using light colors on the eyes, you should use a darker lipstick and highlight lips, and vice versa. The eyes should not compete with the lips. If you have very dark lip can tone, you can down a little using clear makeup before applying lipstick.


If they look red or tired, give them a bath with chamomile water and keep them shut for an hour. One of the things that eyes like is when they are resting! So sleep well, and take a carrot juice with ginger if they are red or slightly shiny. Then makeup with dark eyeliner to frame your outline and then uses shadows according to the color of lipstick you use (see lips).


Curl your lashes to make your eyes look bigger and deeper. Try using a mascara of good quality to avoid smudging and avoid your lashes getting glued or lumpy. For this we recommend, once you've finished applying the mascara, to comb gently with a brush for eyelashes, which must separate and sweep lumps. Do this with your eyes closed.

Bags under the eyes

If you have dark circles, use a high-coverage corrector. The perfect tone you should use is a lighter shade below your skin's natural color. Avoid very white correction; this does not give an attractive effect but the opposite as it looks very artificial.


Clean and cut them, you don’t necessarily have to paint them but I recommend that you have a good manicure. If you paint them, combine with the color of your lipstick or give them a special touch using decorated nails.


To look good in your clothes, must like them, and they surely have to fit you very well. For this, you need to assess whether you are tall, short, wide hips, shoulders, etc. If you have wide hips or shoulders, it is the best to use wider clothing which is more comfortable. If you are too skinny, you should avoid wide clothing, there is tight clothing that can give good shape to your silhouette. If you are very petite, avoid horizontal stripes, and if you are too skinny, avoid vertical stripes and long skirts.

Body odor

After bathing, we recommend an oil with the fragrance you like, apply the fragrance oil in your body and it will have a sweet scent all night. Avoid applying the entire perfume bottle; there are more discreet smells that you may like.

And remember to smile and be friendly, which is one of the secrets that or you can’t miss!

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2 Reviews about Look beautiful on this holiday season
on 10/09/2014
I do get bags under my eyes, and I'm looking for something a little bit more natural than just using a concealer of sorts. Do you have any natural remedies, rather than some sort of commercial, chemical make-up? What causes the dark circles anyway, because it seems like some people don't have them at all, but Ialmost always do. Thank you!
on 27/12/2012
Thanks for the beauty tips, it?s always good to know recommendations to look better for us and for other people. I would like to say that the most beautiful people are the ones that act naturally and have not a lot of makeup in their faces. You just have to act nicely and you will see how beautiful you look!

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