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Living without Allergies

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Living without Allergies

Throughout the day, situations are presented to which we react, sometimes with indifference, with anger, with violence. Given the same situations, another person might react very differently than we do. Some, for example, react in a more sensitive way than the common, one could say that even exaggerated and the type of reaction serves as an analogy to explain what is an allergy.

An allergic reaction is an exaggerated immune reaction to a foreign substance that the body identifies as potentially dangerous to health "but in reality is not harmful in normal health”.

How they manifest?

The allergies are manifested in many forms: a chronic runny nose, sneezing, skin rash. In more severe cases may present table headaches or irritation of the eyes and throat.

What causes the allergies?

The allergies are mainly a result of inadequate disposal of toxic waste. When the intestines, skin, kidneys or bronchial ducts malfunction, body have to absorb back the "junk" that was necessary to remove, and because of their poor performance, these toxins are deposited in the most vulnerable organs. In the case of bronchial asthma, these toxins are absorbed into the lungs and bronchial ducts. When blood is overloaded with toxins, it does not have enough oxygen and therefore cannot be carried out by the natural process of purification of body and organs. Being overloaded with substances, the body starts to want to expel waste by other means than the normal, the rash, excessive cold, the tearing and headaches that serve as an alarm to indicate this imbalance.

The allergies are consequences of:

  • Genetics.
  • A lack of attention to food.
  • An constantly irritable attitude and too vulnerable as compared to face life situations.

Symptoms and diet

Symptoms of allergies are compounded with starch and protein, with refined sugar and industrial products especially white flour, soft drinks, meats and animal products including milk, so if you have allergies, it is very necessary to remove, love and clean your body as much as possible, and replace these foods with those that contain fiber and natural sugars such as fruit, and consume lots of vegetables, preferably raw. Seek to avoid eating sugar in any form or dairy. You can consume, on the other hand, any type of honey (not high doses) or soy milk. Lung function can greatly improve with increasing doses of vitamin C. Consuming foods rich in vitamin C like lemon, broccoli, guava, orange, etc. greatly reduces the likelihood of an asthma attack of hay fever, and pollutants in the air and in food.

Combating allergies

A body overly polluted and full of toxins needs time for its purification. In fact, when one starts a cleansing diet is very possible that feels worse, the body reacts in different ways when it is purified. The change of diet takes time to adjust to the body and must have patience and, above all, a lot of consideration for yourself. Do not get carried away by the fact that you have some genetic predisposition that you cannot ever fight it. Remember that everything in the universe is energy, we ourselves are energy and every minute we're changing and transforming. Likewise, each cell of yours is new every day, you will regenerate completely every 72 hours, so if you act and fix a new behavior in your nature, your genes absorb new information slowly adapting and expressing the information that your give them. You need a lot of will. Do you think you do not have free will? Perhaps then you should pay attention if you're really living the life you want, and you're really doing what you love.

Alternative therapies for allergies

There are now many ways to combat or alleviate the allergic symptoms. The Bach flowers, aromatherapy and homeopathy, the yoga and meditation are very good resources. I recommend that you exercise and try to surround yourself in things you like, while consuming much water and also take into account a very important factor that are the emotions.

Emotions and Allergy

An allergy is an exaggerated immune reaction to an external agent. One of the emotional reasons that make us prone to allergies happens when we lose control and understanding of our emotions and overreact to situations and life experiences. Distress, prolonged anxiety, a fear of not being loved and accepted cause wear mood that keeps us in constant irritation, with the expectation that something will attack us or remove our happiness or welfare. When we feel that too often our faith and love are threatened by external circumstances, we tend to create a defense that eventually can manifest as allergies. The "not tolerating" certain situations, people, etc. causes energy creating weakness in the immune system. This hypersensitivity, if not taken into account and solved, is growing not just in our nature, but this leads to reflect on our state of health.

How to bring emotional support?

We should give us the time and patience to begin to generate understanding and love from us, waiting for others is something terribly worn and it makes us emotionally dependent. Remember that love is for yourself, and within ourselves there is this spring that we can drink all those things that we need. To love means to give us patience, love and above all time to see things that make us happy, how can we enjoy life without having to wait for the joy of living the life from someone else. Love means that you want to live because you're in a life full of adventure experiences that are not as serious as some believe, life is a game, many games, is the game that we play. Make life light and easy, remember that everything passes and nothing can stay in one place or remain in a single form. Learn to flow with the changes, pay attention to what you feel, and focus your antenna and your actions towards those who believe will strive to live by love and emotion, and watch how your attitude and your mind focused on the love starts rooted in a feeling of confidence and freedom.

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3 Reviews about Living without Allergies
on 22/10/2015
I agree completely, there are so many things that Western medicine doesn't take into account when masking allergy symptoms. There is a whole combination of things taking place when one suffers from allergies, and they need to be addressed, emotionally and physically.
on 29/06/2014
I thought all the people that got allergies were born like that, I was on a total mistake, thanks for explaining that for me
on 01/12/2013
Very beautiful words, as always, I tend to have some allergies but I never considered that the root may be caused by emotional factors, then I need to find a time for myself and to learn to deal with the bad things of life too, just as you said, like is a game and we do not have to learn to play but to enjoy it!

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