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Organic Livestock Production

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Organic Livestock Production

The organic livestock production system involves the adoption of a set of general criteria and techniques that can be summarized as:


It will have to provide a sufficient and adequate space for living conditions for freedom of movement, sufficient air renewal, lighting, temperature, and other necessities required for each type of livestock.

Livestock breeds and origin

Choosing those races that are more suited to local conditions, and preferably sufficiently hardy native. If you have to buy cattle from outside the farm, this will have to come from certified organic farms, and if this is not possible, you can buy at the market average, but in its early stages of growth.


Avoiding any kind of systematic maiming cattle.


It will have to provide a balanced diet and adjusted to the needs and metabolism of each type of livestock, without forcing their time of natural growth or maturation. Food employees come primarily from organic and preferably their own farm. It will avoid the use of all kinds of substances that can modify or alter the natural physiological processes of livestock, or impair the quality of the final product.


Diseases or other disorders of livestock health, initially controlled on a preventive, aiming at enhancing the resilience and self livestock with them. If need be used, preferably, natural treatments that will not cause waste of potentially harmful to the health of consumers in the final products. Ultimately it is recognized as a limited use of veterinary drug treatments for chemical synthesis, under medical prescription. If necessary not more than two annual treatments with allopathic medicine, the animal or group of affected animals, it loses the green rating, which can only recover at the end of the relevant conversion period.

Source: DARP

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3 Reviews about Organic Livestock Production
on 03/10/2014
I think as population continues to grow and global "agricultural space" continues to be encroached upon by further urban developments, our days of eating meat are truly numbered. The best way to consume meat is to either hunt it in the wild (observing all conscientiousness regarding sustainability and animal populations), or raising animals yourself, on your own land, with food that you raise yourself as well. This is the only practical way.
on 13/06/2014
When talking about organic stuff what springs to mind are vegetables. It is not that common to hear about being organic regarding livestock production. I strongly believe that what is dealt in this article should be seriously taken into account by breeders.
on 04/03/2014
The previous article was interesting and this one is the complement to understand how the organic system should work, and well, maybe this could help the people who are not sure about what organic means, as they think that it might have to do with the vegetarianism but not so necessary as there is organic animal meat in the market

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