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Live without Anxiety

Taking a very practical and rather general meaning, anxiety is an emotional state in which the nervous system is constantly "red or yellow” alert, and therefore there is almost an impulse to fight, flee or defend any circumstance, person or place.

Symptoms of anxiety

Attitudes and reactions in personality: hurry, nervousness, headaches, movement from one side to the other foot while sitting, impulsive eating, walking from one place to another without any purpose, uncontrolled anger, hyperactivity, hostility, hypersensitivity, among others.

Physiological reactions: tachycardia, pupillary dilation, feeling of choking, tremors in the hands or legs, dizziness, excessive sweating, nausea, muscle tension or muscle weakness, insomnia, motor restlessness, difficulty communicating, negative thoughts, vengeful and obsessive, and others.

Emotional causes of anxiety

Anxiety can be caused by several factors. Taking into account that the emotional system is constantly wear by the feeling of flight and fight to the circumstances or people around us, then the cause is attributed to a deeper sense of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and at the same time, we cannot get rid of that by not wanting to look bad or cause trouble or disappointment to those around us. Simply, the anxiety is due to be living more for the image to show "good level" than a deep sense of satisfaction, there is a hitch in a "superficial" which seems to demand a lot, only because that image fits a stereotype or a social ideal, we strain our energies trying to fulfill expectations of others or purposes or perfect. When we attach to this, moreover, not knowing how to drive our emotions, then we control the emotions, particularly anger. This anger may be growing, the extent to which, if not learn to manage and deepen this excessive need to control everything, it can cause in the long run not only a chronic anxiety, but severe disorders.

Consequences of anxiety

The anxious and constantly maintained states, as noted above, cause a severe disruption if not treated or are deeply concerned. States of anxiety can cause runaway from an overweight to cardiovascular problems, nervous and mental.

Breaking this vicious circle

We must start mainly, if not overlooked. The feeling that we deserve, but not until something happens, we're not good enough, fit, beautiful, intelligent and outstanding, are the main drivers of emotional anxiety. But perhaps the most common driver of anxiety is the fear of silent disapproval, believing that we must be flawless, perfect and we need to astonish the whole world. When we act from here, then it is understandable that our body wants to flee the situation where it will be judged harshly, which could lose control. It then we cannot fully enjoy what is being done because there is mental threat, the mind is busy with its care or fend off criticism of what you take away value and dignity, the mind is attentive to cover all details, grab anything that is not as it should. Further, on the other hand, the body has tremendous desire to escape, it translates what is going to happen as something that threatens it, and this attitude of flight and deep rejection of duty creates anxiety. Then we give you something very useful to begin to cure or prevent anxiety and convert that energy you use to flow into more creative and positive aspects:

Note your thoughts: everything you think is creating your life. A frightening thought will bring a similar emotional state. Thinking of disapproval and suspicion will bring a similar emotion. Constant thoughts of this kind will attract a similar reality. Start by focusing your thoughts to the trust and welfare, and when you talk to yourself, talk as best friends and with a deep acceptance of what you are.

Breathe deeply and calmly: Watch a baby breathe and you will realize why sleeps so deeply. This is the way to correct breathing: when you inhale, expand your abdomen, when you exhale and contract it. In a natural way, this happens when we sleep. But we can practice during the day, especially when you're surprised with the above symptoms.

Watch your diet: as much as you can avoid the consumption of refined sugar and soft drinks, coffee, stimulants, chocolate, snuff, alcohol, or foods containing caffeine or painkillers and drugs containing it. Eat as much as you can fresh fruits and vegetables. In the evenings ,try to eat foods such as lettuce, apple or some herbal tea like chamomile or mint.

Alternative therapies: there are now many therapies to help combat anxiety. Among the more effective, you will find the flowers of Bach, reiki, massage and yoga.

A good reading: A letter tea in the evening is to read things, above all, that give us peace. I recommend you read the book of Reiki, Karuna Aisha, ed. Yug.

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1 Reviews about Live without Anxiety
on 08/07/2014
Anxiety really is quite detrimental. I once heard it described as the condition of wanting to be at one place or time, instead of where you are then, which of course creates the fundamental struggle that causes so many people such angst in life. I also knew a girl once who felt so much anxiety on a daily basis, she broke out with a rash all over her body, most markedly on the insides of her elbows. That goes to show the physical response to something emotional.

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