Lithotherapy, discover the healing properties of stones Edelstein-Therapie, entdecken Sie die heilende Wirkung der Steine Litoterapia, descubre las propiedades curativas de las piedras

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Lithotherapy, discover the healing properties of stones

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Lithotherapy, discover the healing properties of stones

Gems and semiprecious stones have been used as amulets and ornaments since antiquity, always surrounded by a certain mysticism.

Lithotherapy consists of the use of stones, gems, quartz, and crystals to obtain a therapeutic effect.  This alternative discipline proposes that stones contain healing properties, and can help balance the body and mind to achieve optimum health.

According to lithotherapy, the benefits of their properties can be seen in different ways, from massage to the ancient stones.

Stones and health

Semiprecious stones or gems are a type of rock usually used as ornaments.  We commonly see them in necklaces, bracelets, and various accessories.  However, they are believed to possess energetic properties that can benefit the body.

Inorganic origin stones: these are minerals, like crystals, quartz, and generally form in the Earth’s crust.

Animal origin stones: even though it frequently has mineral components as well, these stones can have an organic origin.  A clear example is a pearl, which forms in bivalve mollusk, as a protective reaction to a foreign object.

Plant origin stones: one example is amber, which is fossilized resin through a process of thousands of years.

According to lithotherapy, stones have the ability to “absorb” energy from the Earth and its core, and that by entering in contact with our bodies, this energy brings healing properties.

Types of stones and their function according to lithotherapy

Even though it may not seem true, not all stone are equal, and not every stone produces the same effect on our bodies.  Each stone possess different properties, depending on their chromatic and molecular vibration.

Agate: This stone is useful against stress, as it helps detoxify the body of its effects.  Blue-toned agate promotes relaxation, while red promotes energy.

Amber: appreciated by several cultures.  For the Chinese, amber is a stone that holds the essence of life, while the Egyptian culture use it with religious and medicinal purposes.  This stone helps absorb negative energy and strengthens the organ over which it is placed.

Aquamarine: just like agate, this stone is useful against stress, and promotes good thyroid functioning.

Quartz or rock crystal: In Antiquity, this was used as a magic stone.  Rock crystal activates energy and purifies.  It is said that it works for everything, from alleviating pain, to harmonizing our environments.

Rose quartz: Linked to love and creativity, this fights sadness and is comforting in times of loss.  Promotes high self-esteem.

Yellow quartz: Provides vital energy, and is frequently recommended for the kitchen because it promotes good nutrition and brings abundance.

Coral: Used to improve circulation, coral also promotes enthusiasm and determination.

Emerald: Considered useful against sleep disorders.  Improves memory and fertility.  Also helps purify the environment, dispelling negative energy.

Jade: Considered to be a protective stone by the Chinese.  This stones provides physical and emotional strength.  It is also related to longevity, and business success.

Granite: Transmits aphrodisiac properties.  Granite attracts love and is useful at improving social relations.  Improves fertility and stimulates the immune system. 

Lapis lazuli: Useful for stress and promotes good moods as well as friendly relations.  Lapis lazuli also helps regulate blood pressure, and treats recurrent headaches.

Tiger’s eye: Helps with concentration.  Considered useful in studies and offices, regulates our energy and good mood.

Malachite: This stone helps cleanse the liver and prevents cramps.  It also promotes tranquility and balance.  It can be placed in the kitchen or bathroom.

Onyx: This stone is beneficial against depressive states, helping to calm fear of the unknown, and balances the mind.

Pearl: Helps regulate female reproductive functions.  Pearls promote sweetness and tranquility, which is why they are considered feminine.

Rhodochrosite: advised to use in pairs, it is used to treat pains with an emotional origin. 

Stone water

This interesting stone application consists in pulverizing the stones and adding them to water, which is then drank, in order to obtain its benefits.  This is based on antique remedies used in China and pre-Columbian America.

One example is Ruby water, which acts as a purifier and is used with the intent of improving intestinal and heart functions, with diseases related to these organs.

Emerald water is used to strengthen the body and promote energy.

Stone massages

Stone massage is an ancient Oriental technique that consists in applying hot or cold stones to fight joint and muscular pain.  The massage is very relaxing, and can even produce a sedative effect.

This massage helps stimulate blood flow, promoting oxygenation and relaxation.

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1 Reviews about Lithotherapy, discover the healing properties of stones
on 13/09/2014
I loved this article. I have always thought of birth stones as being a beautiful way to represent yourself, and even though as a child I never liked mine (Topaz), now that I am older I really love it. This article makes sense of that too, because just like yellow quartz, I love energy and vitality. Thanks for the thorough and great article.

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