Lentils, ideal food for pregnant Linsen, ideales Lebensmittel für Schwangere Lentejas, alimento ideal para embarazadas

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Lentils, ideal food for pregnant

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Lentils, ideal food for pregnant

Lentils are recognized since ancient times for being the vegetables with more nutritional value, they have among their components: high levels of protein, fiber, iron and folic acid (Vitamin B9), which makes them an ideal food for pregnant women.

Thanks to folic acid, which is a B vitamin, birth defects in the fetus can be prevented such as spina bifida and anencephaly.

In addition, they have high protein level, very important at the stage of pregnancy, since this nutrient is involved in muscle development of the baby.

Also, folic acid in lentils can help combat the harmful effects of certain drugs that absorb it. For example a smoker or a person addicted to alcohol, may recover folic acid with lentils, which is absorbed by those bad habits.

Lentils are also rich in potassium, fiber, phosphorus, vitamin B5 and vitamin B6.

As they content high concentrations of potassium, they contribute to good circulation and regulate blood pressure. Their use is also beneficial for intestinal tract problems due to the fiber. This component helps control obesity and lower cholesterol.

As a food rich in phosphorus, our bones and teeth are well cared, and our skin as well, due to its consumption helps maintain your natural PH. Lentils are highly recommended to improve the biological functions of the brain.

On the other hand vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid makes the lentil a useful food to combat stress and migraines, and vitamin B6 is recommended for cases of diabetes, depression and asthma.

Do not cook twice

In summary, lentils are an essential food for human consumption. In addition to everything described before, it is a legume that stands out for its rich supply of iron, so it is known as the food to counteract anemia. To take full advantage of this mineral, it is necessary to combine it with a citrus fruit that can be lemon, oranges or tangerines.

For example you can include in lentil stew a good portion of salad, seasoned with lemon or drink lemonade at the end of your meal.

Another recommendation is that when you prepare, do not exceed the cooking time to avoid the loss of all their benefits. Lentils do not need to be boiled for long time or twice because they lose their taste and power.


And if you are having problems with your sexual appetite, lentils, through the influx of zinc, affect directly libido and sperm production in men. This vegetable can be a great aphrodisiac, increasing libido and maintain a good erection.

Other properties

It is good to know that lentils also have the following nutrients: 70 mg. calcium, 1.50 mg. of iodine, 3.10 mg. zinc, 40.60 g. carbohydrate, 24 mg. sodium, 10 ug. vitamin A, 0.47 mg. vitamin B1, 0.22 mg. vitamin B2, 6.58 mg. Vitamin B3, 3.40 mg. vitamin C, 1.80 mg. vitamin E, 304 kcal. calories, 1.70 g. fat, 1.10 g. sugar and 127 mg. purine.

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2 Reviews about Lentils, ideal food for pregnant
on 31/01/2015
oH MY gosh!! I just love lentils, and my little cousin is pregnant right now so I"m goign to send her this article so she can get pumped about eating more of them! I've actually made lentils and rice with onions and sour cream before, and its such a simple, simple dish, loaded with basic nutrients, but so good!
on 21/11/2012
I prepare a lot of recipes with lentils and they are awesome and tasty as well. Maybe you should do other article explaining recipes because people may want to add lentils to their diets but they don?t know how to do it. It?s good to know the nutritional values, very interesting.

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