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Lemon in your beauty kit

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Lemon in your beauty kit

Rejuvenating creams, masks, pomades and lemons in the beauty kit. Yes. Lemon is one of the allies of beauty with highest reputation for its many powerful effects, it is good to cure and treat skin problems (such as dermatitis, acne, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, oily skin, etc..) bad breath, baldness, opaque or dull eyes, calluses, gum problems, dandruff, ulcers or sores in the mouth, etc.. Here are a few properties and how to use them:

Skin problems

The lemon is one of the best remedies to heal the skin and prevent some of the more common problems such as pimples, acne, pimples, etc. This happens because the lemon cleanses the blood and intestines, and skin reflects this. The majority of skin problems occur when the blood is carrying too many toxic wastes or the intestines don’t work in a good way evacuating toxins, so the skin has to the job. If you want to heal your skin, it’s recommend to take lemon juice dissolved in half a glass of warm water without eating, and immediately, take two tablespoons of olive oil extra virgin. Do not take anything after this moment; allow the body to rest for 30 minutes to remove toxins. If you are constipated or you have inflamed the stomach, drink an extra glass of warm water.

Blackheads, acne or oily skin exfoliate

Put two tablespoons of plain yogurt in a bowl and add half lemon. Then stir in this mixture two tablespoons of granulated sand and mix well. Apply this on your face soft and generously through nose, neck, forehead and other parts. Wait for five minutes and rinse. Then apply aloe cream or apple and lemon cream.

Mask to combat acne and blackheads

Add one lemon into three tablespoons of unsweetened yogurt and a tablespoon of honey. Spread vigorously this on your face and wait until the yogurt dries, then, wash your face. In the end, clean it with mineral water and apply aloe cream. Do this two or three times a week. Clean every night you face with mineral water. The pimples and blackheads also emerge when you are very worried and stressed, so this should be in your mind as well.


Dissolve half lemon juice in a tablespoon of green clay. Add some water, not much, to get a doughy mixture, and apply this on your feet vigorously, rub well in corns.

Bad breath and gum diseases

Wash your teeth flossing (at least twice a week), and then spread on your fingers some lemon juice and rub your gums, giving a gentle massage and pushing them from the upper part to your teeth. Do this once or twice a week, and see how your gums improve.

Dull and red eyes

Drink lemon without eating (as in part one). Then, put a drop of lemon in your eyes at night or at afternoon, when you are not going to get out. Keep your eyes closed half an hour moving slowly, very slowly, from side to side and up and down.


Drink lemon juice before eating, and add it to salads as well. You should drink at least two liters of water a day, and avoid junk food. Lemon is an excellent toxin and fat reliever, but it’s important to keep a healthy diet too, because lemon would burn the fat you eat and won’t burn the fat you have accumulated.


Drink lemon juice before eating, and give massages to your thighs, gluteus, and abdomen with a lemon. Spread it on your skin firmly in every direction. This will destroy the fat deposits and toxins in your body.

Sores in your mouth

Drink lemon juice without eating as well, and apply the lemon rind in the sore, squeezing. Do this three or four times a day. It’s a very effective remedy, but don’t expose yourself to the sunlight because you could get skin spots. The best is to do it at night time or after work.

Dandruff and baldness

Add lemon juice to a teaspoon of coconut oil and a crushed garlic (garlic is very effective but is optional. If you use it, try to apply it to the mask at night and leave it there for the rest of the night with your hair wrapped in a pillow, then, wash it early in the morning). Rub with your fingertips on your scalp gently everywhere, starting in the low-down front and passing behind the ears up to the neck. Leave the mixture there half an hour and then wash your hair. Apply this remedy three times a week. The garlic with lemon and coconut oil destroy accumulated fat in the hair and fight dandruff fungus, which damage the roots of the hair and destroys them.

Hair loss and damaged hair

Add two tablespoons of olive oil into half lemon juice, two tablespoons of ripe avocado and an egg yolk. Mix well. Brush your dry hair; you should brush it at least for 5 or 10 minutes gently to activate the flowing of blood in your head. Then, spread on your scalp the mixture with your fingertips; gently rub all over your scalp, try to do it with your head bowed. Leave the mixture for as long as possible, covering your head with a plastic cap. You will see how the appearance of your hair improves and hair loss is stopped.

The lemon has cleansing properties, stops inflammations, heals the liver and it is antiseptic and antibacterial.

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2 Reviews about Lemon in your beauty kit
on 23/09/2014
Wow! More and more reasons to love lemons!! I've just realized I have somehow started eating/drinking lemons multiple times a day. I squeeze a lemon wedge into my water bottle every time I fill it up, and I frequently squeeze lemon over my food. But now I know about its cosmetic uses too!
on 02/11/2012
My husband has hair loss problem, I just read this article and I can?t wait to try some of these advices. I didn?t know lemon has those important properties to have a better and healthy body.

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