Leave the glasses and improve your sight with exercises Lassen sie die Brille und verbessern sie ihre Augen mit Übungen Deja los lentes y mejora tu vista con ejercicios y tips

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Leave the glasses and improve your sight with exercises

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Leave the glasses and improve your sight with exercises

Do you not see well from far away? Is it hard to focus your sight? Do you have eyestrain, blurred or weak vision? Do not think that the only solution is glasses. We often think that the only response to poor eyesight is going to the eye doctor and buying prescribed glasses, not knowing that many vision problems can be solved naturally and easily. If you don’t want to wear glasses or take them out, try these natural alternatives to restore your sight acuity, strength and visual clarity.

Problems such as myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, eye strain, etc., are usually due to excessive fatigue and exhaustion of the optic nerves, and other causes which usually there are three main factors involved :

  • The ocular tension
  • Not being able to see or focus properly
  • A poor diet

Lenses make the eyes lazy

It is comfortable to wear glasses because with them one can get a better view ignoring the problem. However, what the lens actually do is to make lazy the eyes, as these do not strive to focus better. The lenses are like a wheelchair, it doesn’t teach to walk but it works to move the person. The eyes adjust to the lenses so that gradually advance their dysfunctionality, which would make they eyes eventually need more graduation.

The glasses are a limit to the movement of the eyes and body.

Leaving the lens

We know that the body has an amazing healing ability, if you are weak or failing in some area, is because natural laws to enable it to flow and manifest a state of health in organs, tissues, systems, etc. are broken or unbalanced. And one of the natural health laws is to keep the body in a relaxed state, which is not to laziness, but a confident state of motion that induces the transformation. When you break this state of relaxation, there will be stiffness, and general organ systems begin to deteriorate gradually and a condition becomes evident. Immobile, static and unchanging things wear and deteriorate easily.

Flow and trust

We're used to seeing the complete things and not one of their parts. What we perceive in our environment are changes and not static things. The eye is designed for movement and transformation. Bates noted that the eyes of those who are can see less, visually move less than those who have normal vision. But not only your eyes, if your whole body is static and tense and tends to have a static and constant thought, you like the safe environment where things do not change a lot and the activities are not intense or risky.

The mental attitude of wanting to see things one way or have a view too "static", affects the view in every way because, at the end, there is fear of change or risk, perhaps the future or something that "you don’t want to see" so the eye is under constant tension. You should have to see how you think about life and try to understand other ways of seeing and feeling it, don’t shut yourself off from others' views and maintain a confident spirit. It takes too much confidence in yourself to be flexible and don’t "break you".

On the other hand, thinking too much about life, or believing we have the solution for everything, also generates rigidity and lack of openness to flow with things.

Not wanting to "see" certain things  

Not wanting to "see" certain things, either from our past or present, makes the view in some way, in a state of resistance or at a static or comfortable point. Not wanting to "see" means that we do not like to feel certain things, so it is best to avoid them. It is very important that we judge the experience as something positive and learn to see and understand our pain and sorrow, don’t evade them, and they feedback us.

So some other exercises and tips to improve your vision:

  • Read very slowly, zooming in and out the book.
  • Put your index finger in front of your eyes and bring it near and out, following it with your eyes.
  • Try to follow the contours of things with your eyes, take a pencil and watch closely, or see a tree from far away and try to follow the line that defines its forms.
  • Often, tell your eyes to relax. If you feel that your face is relaxed, you need to pay more attention to your relaxation.
  • Eyes are designed for light, so it's great to walk on the streets or parks, bathing the eyes with natural light. This is more convenient to do in the morning or late afternoon, so that the refraction of the sun is not a nuisance.
  • Sunbathing: suddenly see the sun with very good precaution is to stimulate your eyes and keep them healthy. Never look directly to the sun, but every morning with the first rays of sun, look at it and open and close your eyelids five times quickly.
  • Put your two index fingers in front of your eyes, the fingers should be together and stretched. Stretch your arms as you can, trying to follow your fingers with vision without moving your eyes. Open and close your arms a few times.
  • Draw figures in a notebook; copy them out, like a tree, chair, etc. Try to draw their outlines and then color the shades by looking things very well.
  • Practice activities such as yoga, bioenergetics, Tai Qi or Qi Gong, which help relax the body in general and help loosen tight eyes. Qi gong has specific exercises to improve vision. Remember that exercise will help to irrigate the eyes blood, nutrients and oxygen essential for good vision.
  • Eat a diet of quality where often you include vegetable and fruit juices (try not to combine them), especially including orange, carrot, alfalfa, celery, grapes and pineapple.
  • Do not work tired and try to give your eyes a rest deeper than 8 hours a day. Avoid keeping awake.
  • To live, read, feel too fast or be saturated with activity generates a lot of stress, causes that the eye pass quickly over "things" or situations, the view does not rest "in the details", or do not want further too. Passing quickly through life without stopping to enjoy it, slowly causes eye wear.

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3 Reviews about Leave the glasses and improve your sight with exercises
on 16/02/2015
I have wondered for SO long if there is any way you can improve vision. I've worn glasses and corrective lenses since I was in 8th grade, and it seemed like my vision got worse as I continued through school, with all the reading and computer work. Now I feel it getting better, just a few years after college.
on 23/06/2014
I don't trust on this, doesn't sounds honest, I don't believe you can leave glasses just doing that..
on 06/12/2012
Hello good morning how are you going people? Well, it?s important to know that vision can be improved without using lenses or surgery, I had this myopia problem but my doctor told me I really need glasses if I want to protect my view at least. I?m going to see if I can do any progress with these recommendations and I hope they work, I do not want to use glasses!

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