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Learning to eat

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Learning to eat

On Thursday July 13th, 20 pm, Dr. George V. Free Esteves gave a lecture: "Learn to eat, learn to live, learn to love and learn to die." People will be at the Library Tristan J. González, Pedro Av Goyena Brio 1579. Flower (Federal Capital)

Learning to eat

"Food is not the top in life - Max Bircher Benner said - but it is the land where it may die or higher can flourish."

Food is matter and energy with which our cells are reconstituted every day and is a decisive factor that determines good or poor operation. Thus if we choose and combine in specific proportions and a dedicated and disciplined manner, can provide the most effective, powerful, easy and cheap medicine for virtually every type of disease (from the alteration of any of these functions cell) and the most important preventive tool for them.

Thousands of people, many of whom were evicted, gravely ill with cancer, AIDS, cardiovascular disease, respiratory, digestive, joint, autoimmune, neurological, dermatological, mental disorders like depression, panic, phobias , bipolar disorder and even schizophrenia, sleep disorders and sexuality, with diabetes, hypothyroidism, stress, obesity, enuresis, failure of memory and attention, varicose veins and cellulite, such as prisoners of all types of addictions, (alcohol, drugs, snuff, candy, flour, chocolate, mate, coffee, etc.), now can testify to the crucial role the correct diet played in them (which is far from the Argentine food and even the kind that indicate the vast majority of nutritionists) in the complete reversal of their disease.

Thanks to this, soon they could become independent of all kinds of drugs and therapies, including alternatives.

Discover how some are in the above, the scientific foundations that now support the proposal of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, to make our main food and medicines not imagine why globalized system now governs the world giving serious and indisputable information to all the doctors, paramedics and the general public.


  • All you need to know to avoid or heal root.
  • Dietary Factors - Environmental.
  • Psycho-spiritual and social factors
  • Other Factors - Why the fear of cancer is carcinogenic. How to lose it.
  • Natural Therapies and Conventional Treatments: criteria for choosing custom: When you should use each and when not.


Stress Syndrome, Depression and Addictions or hyperinsulinism.

Disorder afflicting between 70 and 80% of the population. Causes. Consequences. Diagnosis. 120 events and their potential through effective treatment SHENG (System for Holistic Esteves, Nicotra Igarza and Garcia).

The wonderful natural force of the self:

  • Scientific discoveries how it works in the prevention and treatment of almost every kind of disease more effectively than any drug.
  • Importance of food needs and appropriate habits.
  • Attitudes to heal sick attitudes.
  • Coarse tuning and fine tuning.
  • How to optimize physical performance, sports, labor, academic, intellectual, sexual, artistic and spiritual, without depending on anything or anyone.
  • The Doctor and his Assistants Holistic Therapeutics

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2 Reviews about Learning to eat
on 31/12/2014
I really like how this article is titled "Learning to Eat", because it's so true! This day and age, when fast food, sweets, fried and processed foods abound...it's hard to know where to go! You really have to do your research and TRY to eat healthfully, and it's an aweful shame that so many people are making themselves sick...just by what they eat!!
on 02/02/2014
Wow, I would love to see a workshop reaching the topic of illness and why you say the food is the most important ingredient when developing or getting ill, this is so good, I want to know the causes of cancer and how to avoid it, please contact me if you hear about a new workshop or anything

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