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Learn to recognize Appendicitis

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Learn to recognize Appendicitis

Even though it is a disease that increased among children and youth and can be solved with a quick surgery, appendicitis can cause death if the person doesn’t go at time to a health center, leading to a dangerous peritonitis.

It is important that everyone knows how to differentiate appendicitis from other diseases, because between the check and all the tests the doctor orders, you can spend more than four hours for a definitive diagnosis and appendicitis may be worsening.

Why it originates

In general, there isn't a study to define why appendicitis appear, in some cases is known to be caused by a blockage of the appendix by fecal material.

How to distinguish this disease

Appendicitis usually starts with abdominal pain around the navel, nausea, vomiting and poor appetite.

Then the pain will gradually increase to move to the right side of the abdomen, the patient may feel an urgent desire to urinate in an abnormal number of times. In cases where those affected are children, the most common symptoms are vomiting and a swollen abdomen, as well as intense pain, which may be intermittent to become more acute and persistent.

Medical Procedures

Once you go to the specialist, the diagnosis is given after you take various examinations among them: blood tests, urine tests, chest and abdominal radiographs and computed tomography (CT) of the affected area. Of course that depends on the doctor, perhaps a simple palpation of the abdomen may be enough to notice.

In that case, the solution to remove the appendix is surgery; this surgery is performed under general anesthesia.


If you don't go on time for a diagnosis, the appendix that is the size of a finger and is attached to the large intestine in the lower right abdomen can burst and infect the whole body with bacteria and fecal material that could have been inside. This is known as peritonitis.

Patients in critical condition can survive if the infection hasn't spread throughout the body, but only in some areas where doctors can drain it, but that doesn't happen in all cases, some patients die within days from sepsis, or in other cases, death is usually fulminant.


Can you prevent appendicitis? This is a common question, there aren’t exactly answers to know why the appendix becomes blocked and infected, there are some approaches that can reach the truth and that doctors often recommended.

The first thing is to have a healthy diet as possible, rich in fiber, which are those that allow greater movement of stool. And if it comes, you need to have a surgery.

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3 Reviews about Learn to recognize Appendicitis
on 15/08/2014
I used to work at a medical clinic and people would always come in with abdominal pain thinking that they had apendicitis. The number one piece of evidence that we would use to determine if we were going to send them to the hospital immediately, or take a look (assuming that it wasn't appendicitis) was: Right lower quandrant pain that increased not when you push the specific location, but when you released the pressure from the push. This is key. If it hurts more to RELEASE the pressure than it does to actually push...you probably have appendicitis.
on 04/05/2014
I had a friend who bothered her parents like 3 times saying she had appendicitis and once she had it no one believed her, just like the story of John and the lambs... funny huh?
on 18/11/2012
Appendicitis is really common disease, but actually I haven't heard about any case of death because of this disease. Some people say it's better to take it off because you have only one organ in your body. But actually I think every organ has an important function and we should take care of them.

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