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How to prevent Cancer: 10 tips

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How to prevent Cancer: 10 tips

Some measures and lifestyle changes can potentially prevent cancer development, since up to 70% of known causes of this disease can be prevented and are related to our habits.

There are three main aspects that we can take care of: diet, exercise and avoiding smoking. However there are other tips that could be quite useful to prevent the development of cancer.

1. Home Water Filters

Recent studies suggest filtering tap water at home, or even better consuming bottled water, can help to avoid consuming known carcinogens or chemicals that can alter our hormone secretion. We should store the filtered water in steel or glass containers to avoid chemical contaminants such as BPA, which can leak from plastic bottles.

2. Consume caffeine daily

Drinking five or more cups of a caffeinated beverage a day can reduce our risk of developing some forms of brain cancer by up to 40%. It also reduces the hazard of mouth and throat cancer. These benefits are attributed to the alkaloids in caffeine and it is considered to be more protective than tea in this regard.

3. Eating Brazil nuts

Thanks to their selenium content, Brazil nuts can reduce the risk of developing bladder cancer in women due to their antioxidant effects. Other studies have associated high selenium levels in blood with a lower incidence of colon and lung cancer. Experts on selenium mention that not only does it protect against the effects of antioxidants, but it also improves our immune system and prevents the formation of blood vessels forming in tumours.

4. Avoid grilling

Cuts of meat barbecued or charred contain heterocyclic amines that can cause cancer. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons usually penetrate meat when cooked using this method. To avoid these type of carcinogens, it is recommended to add rosemary and thyme to your preferred marinade and let the meat marinate for at least an hour, as these species are rich in antioxidants and can reduce heterocyclic amines by up to 80%.

5. Drinking plenty of water

Drinking 8 cups of water a day may protect against bladder cancer as it decreases the concentration of carcinogens in urine and promotes their elimination.

6. Consuming green vegetables

It is recommended to include vegetables in your diet, especially dark green ones, as they are generally a rich source of magnesium: A mineral that reduces the risk of colon cancer in women.

7. Take care of yourself in the sun

Your choice of clothing can play a role in preventing skin cancer; according to Spanish scientistsred or blue clothing offer more effective protection against harmful UV damage than yellow or white hues.

8. Wash your clothes at home

In the dry cleaners avoid using a solvent usually known as "Perc" which can be toxic and promote the development of liver cancer, kidney and even leukemia. The people most affected are those that are directly in contact with the chemicals, but the risk to the consumer has not been clarified yet. Try to wash your clothes with soap and water at home, and treat stubborn stains with a little white vinegar.

9. Keep your phone away from your head

It is better to use speakerphone or send short text messages, though the risk is still inconclusive. Some studies suggest that cell phone use may increase the risk of brain cancer, since it is a relatively new invention, there is not enough data yet to prove their safety, so it is recommended to use them with caution.

10. Say Yes to organic foods

It is advisable to consume organic food which is free of added hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and other chemicals or substances that may contribute to the development of cancer.

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7 Reviews about How to prevent Cancer: 10 tips
on 22/03/2016
This is a nice article, although cancer is a brutal disease that can attack even the most healthy of people. Everyone reading this will have been directly or indirectly affected by cancer at some point in their life and although it is always advisable to eat a healthy diet, avoid smoking and also invisible waves such as WiFi and telephone signals, however no amount of coffee or brazil nuts is going to make a difference even if they may contribute to some kind of preventative measure.
on 26/07/2014
About a year ago I became...what some would call obsessed, about finding out what caused cancer. I think it's pretty apparent now that a diet chalked full of fresh fruits and vegetables, with absolutely no refined sugars, and MINIMAL food processing, helps strengthen the immune system to the point of warding off cancer. But all of these tips are also fantastic - especially talking with the phone away from your ear. I almost always put people on speaker phone, and I always put the phone in airplane mode, and turn off the internet when sleeping. Never charge your phone by your head.
on 29/06/2014
wow some of those tips are very weird like the coffee one, or the brazil nut, but it's nice to see that, thanks for the amazing information you shared here!
on 04/05/2014


on 29/08/2013
I'm going now to the store to get some brazilian nuts, they are my favorite and they can save us from such awful illness, I'm so glad to read this, today many people talk about the cancer and everybody should be worried about this topic as anyone of us can have it, but in the same way we can prevent it.
on 26/08/2013
Using the phone causing cancer? I thought that was just a rumor but that was not proved by someone, or anything, but well, if you say so, I'll stay a little bit away of my phone, especially because I'm a true talker but I do not want to have cancer or any problem!
on 21/08/2013
I think that it is true that changing the daily habits can really help the whole body to maintain a good state and in this way avoid falling into illness, especially cancer which is the major problem of this century, so many people with this disease and we need to stop this now!

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