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Learn to avoid getting sick

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Learn to avoid getting sick

There are situations that may predispose to the disease, but that means we can avoid illness, curiously, often seems that we conspire against our body, however, there are simple tips that can help us to be healthier if we practice them in our lives.

Talking about your feelings

The emotions and feelings that we hide and repress may actually get us sick. And manifest as gastritis, ulcers, or back and spine pain.

Repressed feelings can even eventually trigger cancer, which is why it is important to express our feelings, share our intimacy, and avoid frustration. The dialogue is certainly an excellent therapy, you should implement it if you want to live healthier.

Be determined

The undecided people, incapable of making their own decisions generally live in doubt, which translates into anxiety.

The decisions are important in a person's life and can affect other people; however, they should not be avoided. When you take a decision, evaluate it and accept the risk, but do not avoid or procrastinate, surely we are all human and we are going to be wrong on more than one occasion, do not fear your decisions because they are just yours and no one else’s. People who are undecided may have gastric and skin problems.

Do not live for others

Pretend appearances can make us sick, learn to be who you really are and live, live your way; people who always want to be "perfect" will be unhappy, and be condemned to a life of illness.


Those who are enclosed in the complex, often envious persons, imitators, insecure, destructive and they also tend to depression. Those who are not accepted as they are, and continually rejected, also are predisposed to illness, and even detonate destructive diseases like eating disorders, among others.

Do not give up to adversity

Human beings over some point in their life will have problems, no matter how serious, a problem is always a problem. But do not let it defeat you, do not be negative, always look on the bright side of things, and also solutions. Whoever proposing solutions is less likely to fall into depression and illness in general.


How many times do you give some time for you? That is, in your busy schedule, is there any time you devote to you? Generally we prioritize the urgent, and do not leave time for what's important. Pay attention to the signs of your body, fatigue, physical and mental, can manifest in your neck, back and frequent headaches.

Take a break, holidays and days off are a shot of energy to our body. Do not overdo it or push yourself more, sometimes it's good to take time.

Be happy

Enjoy, it is proven that happy people tend to get sick less. Good humor and laughter are effective therapies that help you cope with any problems; even the most serious diseases are more bearable when you try to smile, stand and be positive.

Live your life the way you like and don’t regret it

The "if I would" is something we wish would have happened, but did not. Take advantage of the present, now is the time to start doing what you want, live with less stress, and be yourself, do not let remorse invade your future. "If I would have laughed more" ... "If I would have shared more with my family and friends" ...

Remember that the happier you're, you have less chance of getting sick.

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3 Reviews about Learn to avoid getting sick
on 07/01/2015
So much of our society believes (mistakenly) that getting sick is really an inevitable part of daily life, but it wasn't until I started learning about HEALTH, that i realized that avoiding getting sick really is in our own hands. Let food be thy medicine, and when you feel you may be under atttack, take the appropriate supplements and measures to strengthen your immunity.
on 23/06/2014
doens't sounds bery convincing, I mean, there are many other factors that involve getting sick, and the emotional part is probably in the last part, but yet good information
on 31/03/2013
Nice and encouraging words for people who need help or a shoulder, we often look for problems and even without being aware of that, then the illness come and you find out that it was your mistake, well, this is not something to be sad about but a time to take advantage and make a change in your life, trying to be yourself and then the illness will go away, just believe..

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