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Using the Chi Kung method to lose weight

Alternative Therapies

One way to lose weight quickly, naturally and permanently is the method proposed by the Chi Kung, an Oriental practice combined with breathing exercises: a very effective method for mobilising harmful...

Fenugreek: Uses in medicine as well as increasing your beauty


Useful properties of fenugreek in beauty. This bittersweet herb of Mediterranean origin can be used in cooking, aiding health and has lots of therapeutic and aesthetic uses too.

Remedy for breaking up Gallstones


The gallbladder is an organ located below the liver and whose shape resembles that of a pear. Its primary function is to store bile, which is produced by the liver to digesti lipids.

Chia: Lose weight without losing muscle mass


Want to lose weight without losing muscle mass? Are you thin but have a swollen abdominal area? Want to gain bulk without accumulating fat? Chia is a powerful little seed with great nutritional proper...

Say goodbye to scars with these naturally effective tips

Natural Cosmetics

Scars are visible marks on the body that are a kind of footprint after a person has had either an operation or surgery, welts, acne, or an accident. Usually scars are unliked or unwanted by many peopl...

A cranberry diet to reduce abdominal fat

Lose weight

If you want to reduce the size of your abdomen and waist, there is nothing better than a diet with cranberries which is one of the best ways to evacuate fats in this area.

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Garlic and Skin: Fungus, Dermatitis, Itching


Do you have skin problems? Fungus and skin marks? Dermatitis and rosacea? Do you get a lot of break outs, rashes, or itching problems? Skin health can be achieved on a deep and permanent level by ...

Transgenics: Aggressive contaminants to the ecosystem and health


Transgenic refers to foods that have been genetically modified, which is a very real danger and threat to nature and ecosystems.

Alkaline Diet for a Healthy Body


When talking about alkalinity, we’re talking about a certain pH range that foods and even liquids in the body have. They should be mostly alkaline in order for the body to be healthy.

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Smoothies with seeds to help fight muscle spasms, osteoporosis and arthritis


Are your bones fragile and porous? Do you always get cramps? Do the joints in your body feel overly tight? Cramps are severe contractions in the body that can cause a lot of pain, according to the ...

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9 Tips to Reduce that Double Chin


Attain that model neck with these secrets. The neck is an extension of our face not frequently talked, but that forms part of our body’s general aesthetics. It is considered by many to be a very s...

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Tai-Chi: a practice to regain health

Alternative Therapies

Are you sick often? Do you feel your body weak? Do you have a disease that cannot stop? The practice of Tai-chi can be the natural solution. This ancient practice is a low impact exercise which has a ...

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Yoga: Great Relaxation tool

Stress and Anxiety

The tension in the body is one of the most common causes of a long list of physical and mental illness. Although not notice, the stresses of the day cause us a series of muscle contractions are genera...

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Lymphatic and muscular Rejuvenating Face Massage

Facial Care

The face is a very sensitive area where not only moods but also our health, quality of blood, absorb nutrients, good circulation, body hydration , etc. are reflected . All this affects the appearance ...

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Three natural masks to Reaffirm, Heal and Rejuvenate your Skin

Facial Care

If your skin looks tired, dull and without much life, and you feel you have fine lines or dry skin or somewhat ill surely it is asking you to help nurture. A beautiful, healthy, youthful skin is the r...

Damiana, Leaves  (Turnera aphrodisiaca) - 40 g

Damiana, Leaves (Turnera aphrodisiaca) - 40 g

Other common names: Damiana, damiane, oreganillo, the bourrique, Mexican damiana, Mexican holly. Ho...

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Boldo leaves (Peumus boldus L.) - 40 g

Boldo leaves (Peumus boldus L.) - 40 g

Traditional use: for the symptomatic relief of mild gastrointestinal dyspepsia and spasmodic affecti...

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