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Laughter Therapy, discover the benefits of laughter

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Laughter Therapy, discover the benefits of laughter

Laughter is natural for human beings and is a sign of joy. It has always been considered synonymous with good health, but probably few of you imagined that laughter is so good for our health, as studies have demonstrated today.

The therapeutic effects of laughter have been studied since the 70s, particularly by Dr. Madan Kataria, who also developed laughter yoga in Mumbai and the first laugh centre in 1995.

Benefits of Laughter

Laughter is considered curative and it is a therapy that is available to all of us. Laughing has many benefits that have been reported by doctors and health professionals, such as:

  • It reduces levels of stress hormones
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Promotes muscle relaxation
  • Helps fight pain
  • Helps reduce blood pressure
  • Aids Cardiovascular Fitness
  • It is a natural antidepressant

Effects of laughter

Laughter is a natural reaction to a stimulus that amuses us, however, laughter gives us wellness and helps to work the muscles, especially of the face and diaphragm. In addition, the euphoria we feel when laughing is a good way to combat stress. Laughter also improves blood flow, and promotes the release of endorphins.

It is worth mentioning that not all people have an “easy” laugh, however, a very important fact is that the body does not distinguish between a fake and real laughter, so that we benefit even falsely laughing.

Why should we laugh more?

Mainly because laughing costs nothing. In some hospitals, laughter has been used as a treatment for depression. It is suitable for all age groups to improve moods and it is contagious, so you can also expect benefits for those around you.

Learn to laugh more

Laughing can be simple, children laugh about 400 times a day, while adults laugh on average 15 times a day, if you want to laugh more, there are simple strategies that you can perform.

Do not focus on the negative: We all have bad days, however, try to stay positive, enjoy your friends, watch a comedy, read comics, or find a hobby you enjoy.

Spend time with children: They find laughter very easy, so if you meet and play with children, you will find out how much you can laugh at their side. Children are also very creative, so you may find it rubs off on you.

Tell jokes: They have to be the best, it is important to laugh, read and share jokes with your friends and colleagues, you can achieve a fun atmosphere, and there will be lots of laughs.

Learn to laugh at yourself: When you do not know whether to laugh or mourn, instead of feeling embarrassed, or frustrated by something that happened that is embarrassing, laugh! It is definitely a better and healthier option than anger or sadness.

What is laughter therapy?

A laughter session can be achieved with different tools, but the main aim of the therapy is to laugh out loud. In many cases, the laughs begin as false, however, while laughing, it often becomes actual laughter. Sessions are conducted in groups.

We can expect several results at the end of the session, it is likely that there is a sense of relaxation and well-being.

Although laughter does not replace any medicinal therapy, it is an excellent complement.


Although it is considered safe, laughter can cause temporary pain to patients who have recently undergone surgery, it is recommended to consult a professional if you suffer from hernias, hemorrhoids, heart disease, asthma, chronic coughspinal problems, hypertension, incontinence, epilepsy or other advanced illnesses.

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8 Reviews about Laughter Therapy, discover the benefits of laughter
on 02/03/2016
I have tried laughter yoga before and it is possibly one of the most HILARIOUS experiences of my life. I experienced such joy and relaxation afterwards, but I must warn you: It is a very good idea to go to the toilet before you begin any session of laughter yoga to avoid accidents!
on 01/10/2014
I am SUCH huge supporter of laughter therapy. It's sad that we've had to resort to creating a "therapy" for laughing...essentially forcing ourselves to laugh to re-learn the art of it. Laughter makes life livable. In fact, it makes it wonderous, magical, enlightened! It is the meaning of life, and if laughter yoga is how we can regain that, then more power to it!
on 03/05/2014
on 17/11/2013
It could be a good idea for someone who only needs to stay relaxed and even sleep well, laughing is a very good therapy even if you just practice as something normal during the daily activities, the only important thing is bringing a good and possitive attitude
on 09/11/2013
Haha, I love spending time with my small brother, he is very awesome, many times when I am stressed I just take him to the mall or some place he like an he is so funny and free, I have learned many things from him, maybe those things that I forgot while growing up, and let me tell you that all this is like a real therapy
on 25/11/2013
I love spending time with kids too! there are many in my family so the reunions are very nice and fun, especially with them making us laugh all the time, it is avery good therapy indeed, so I truly believe in what you say, keep doing that friend! i will do that too
on 27/10/2013
Many times the people get stressed when other laugh at them, and this is normal but you can learn something valuable and this is about showing a fresh attitude even when bad things happen to you, then it is important to laugh of yourself when somthing funny happens to you, this even shows yourself as a good and friendly person
on 17/10/2013
There are probably even more benefits that you can receive if you try this therapy, you can do it by yourself in your own home, just following the advices that are there, I think that living around a child can really make you happy and laugh a lot!

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