Las Vegas Del Tajo threatened by urban expansion Las Vegas Del Tajo in Gefahr durch städtische Expansion Las Vegas Del Tajo en peligro por la expansión urbanística

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Las Vegas Del Tajo threatened by urban expansion

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Las Vegas Del Tajo threatened by urban expansion

The greens and Platform Riparian against the Heat have now held a reunion on June 30th in Aranjuez to analyze the environmental effects of urban development in the valley of the speculative Tajo. 

The planned 150,000 households (30,000 in Aranjuez, Seseña 30,000, and 60,000 in Toledo) constitute an environmental pressure on the Tagus River.

Currently the Tagus River takes several months without meeting the ecological flow of 6m cubic per second according to recognized measures of the company's mini-pit. Also an installation of the 5 power in the area is planned that would have a significant environmental impact, the flow of water from the Tagus River and the emission of pollutants.

The Greens and the Platform against Thermal Riparian claim that all these actions can lead to a deterioration of water quality and health endangering the river flora and fauna. Remember that at present this part of the Tagus basin is one of the most degraded areas of hydrogeological Spain for nitrate concentration in a nearly 100 percent of surface water and groundwater in this area have nitrate concentrations exceeding to 50mg per liter, according to recent studies that can generate an increased risk of abortions.

Francisco Garrido, MP for the Greens in Congress will, at the request of the platform a reunion with the president of the Hydrographic Confederation of the Tagus, receive information on how the new urban development can affect the flow of the pit.

Likewise the green platform claim that part of the urban development of Toledo may involve the destruction of the city Visigothic recently discovered, as have denounced the Academy of San Fernando, ICOMOS to UNESCO, the Toledo Association of Muslim friends and Toledo Foundation.

Source: Los Verdes de Madrid

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