La Olla del Bierzo joins defense of Pico Becerril La Olla del Bierzo verteidigt den Pico Becerril La Olla del Bierzo se une a la defensa del Pico Becerril

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La Olla del Bierzo joins defense of Pico Becerril

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La Olla del Bierzo joins defense of Pico Becerril

Association for Organic Agriculture La Olla del Bierzo joins the Platform for the Defense of the mountain peak Becerril and the environment of the Camino de Santiago. 

At the reunion held on Thursday, September 21st, joining and supporting this platform that the struggle for the defense of a natural as important as for El Bierzo environment Pico Becerril within the so-called Tebaida Berciano was approved by the association based in Cacabelo.

At that reunion, it also agreed to collaborate economically, with the contribution of 200 €, as it has initiated a process for the preservation of the area affected by the location of the macro - wind farm, which includes the filing of an appeal and the possibility of carrying out an administrative, an important series of expenditures by the Platform.

The Association of Agriculture of the Olla del Bierzo is to appeal to other cultural, ecological and educational places for solidarity and cooperating in any way with this initiative for the conservation of areas of such high environmental and landscape of our region.

Source: Olla del Bierzo Association

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1 Reviews about La Olla del Bierzo joins defense of Pico Becerril
on 06/01/2014
I would love to contribute to the cause, but I am not sure of how to do it so if you please could tell me if there is a chance to help you out with some contribution or something, even with help, that would be awesome, and keep on going with this and that, anything to help the planet

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