Kuzu (Kudzu): properties and health benefits and addictions Kuzu (Kudzu): Eigenschaften und Nutzen für die Gesundheit und gegen Suchten Kuzu (Kudzu): propiedades y beneficios en la salud y adicciones

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Kuzu (Kudzu): properties and health benefits and addictions

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Kuzu (Kudzu): properties and health benefits and addictions

It is a climbing perennial plant, which is entangled in the bushes and trees and can reach great heights. This plant has a large root, which can measure more than the size of a person. The root of kudzu is where we get the medicinal preparations that are widely used in natural medicine in China. These medicinal preparations have been used successfully to treat various ailments and have great success in treating addiction to snuff, alcohol, etc.; and its use in patients addicted to marijuana and cocaine is currently being explored.

Kudzu's medicinal properties

A plant becomes medicinal when it has properties that help the body to awaken and stimulate its own healing powers. Kudzu's healing substances help the addict's body to regulate its functions and avoid the deterioration that is exposed to the harmful substances it consumes. Among the nutritional components of kudzu are:

  • Its high in carbohydrates, which provide the body with new energy and can help patients reduce the symptoms of listlessness, depression, lack of encouragement, etc.
  • It is rich in fiber, which helps regulate intestinal functions of the addict, to treat constipation, eliminate toxic substances from the body and nutrients are better absorbed. Its fiber also helps to absorb less sugar and bad cholesterol in the blood.
  • It is rich in isoflavones, particularly daidzein, substances that help improve blood circulation and irrigate more and more blood to the brain and nervous system, helping to prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • Has soothing effects, combat excessive stress and helps create a relaxed mood to work with emotions.
  • The kudzu root extract is a natural and healthy alternative for the treatment of abuse and addiction to alcohol and snuff.
  • Helps to reduce fever and fights flu symptoms as muscle aches, headaches, etc. Helps soothe irritated mucous membranes.
  • Very useful for treating chronic fatigue, apathy and lack of encouragement.

Other Uses of Kudzu


It is used to replace flour and in the preparation of purees, soups, pie fillings, in dressings and sauces, etc. Its flavor combines very well with most foods.

Kudzu's medicinal dose

To treat the condition and in the case of addiction, it is recommended to take 9 to 15 grams per day of kudzu root. In the case of angina pectoris, 1.5 grams of raw kuzu root are recommended, equivalent of 30 to 120 mg two to three times a day.


There are not degrees of toxicity if the doses are respected.

Addiction and Kudzu

An addiction is characterized as a dependency either to a substance, activity or relationship, which results in an addicted person or distanced away from all other aspects that surround the subject. This distance or retraction itself may reflect the following:

  • Lack of accountability
  • Angry and irascible character
  • Depression, loneliness, isolation, feelings of misunderstanding or "emptiness", emotional pain, etc.
  • Loss of desire and lack of energy
  • Apathy

Addicted people feel, as a predominant symptom, that cannot live without the object of the addiction, and their thoughts and behaviors are focused on getting or keeping the object of their addiction, which make them feel better and can reduce their loneliness, depression, pain, etc.

Unlike a habit, an addiction creates unfavorable consequences in the addict's life which will negatively affect and gradually destroy the life, sometimes leading to diseases of all kinds and even death.
There are many ways you can treat addiction and its treatment depends on how addictive the person is and the object. An addiction to a drug like cocaine is not treated as addiction to a person, or gambling (pathological gambling), or snuff. However, all addictions can be treated from two fundamental aspects: emotional treatment (which should be focused on the addict to return the security, confidence and personal dignity) and a diet that will help the addict's body to be strong and well nourished, so that your nervous system function more optimally, and respond better to other treatments.

In the diet of an addict, you can include certain nutritional supplements which are suitable to help feel better physically and emotionally, and can help other treatments to work better to help reduce addiction. Knowing the great difficulty of treating addiction, the addict may not be willing to do anything by him/herself, and will require help and support from loved ones.

One way to support and help may be starting to include certain nutritional supplements that are especially beneficial and supportive especially in addicted to alcohol, snuff and other drugs such as cocaine and marijuana (cannabis). Among the highlights for nutritional supplements to treat addictions of this type, we can mention without doubt Kuzu, a plant that is currently used to treat addiction to chemicals and helps the addict to improve the nervous system and reduce the consequences that these addictions involved.

Kuzu to quit smoking and drinking

It’s recommended take two or three cups of Kuzu beverage, which will help to promote quitting smoking or drinking alcohol, and strengthens the addict. The infusion should be prepared with a cup of hot water, molasses, some cereal and 8 grams of dissolved kuzu.

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4 Reviews about Kuzu (Kudzu): properties and health benefits and addictions
on 02/09/2014
Do not grow Kudzu yourself. It grows 2 feet a day in the southern U.S. I do not have any addictions, but I am 68 and a little depressed. I make a cup of kudzu tea in the evening and it relaxes me. I find that the next day I am not depressed. Sometimes it makes me hungry.
on 02/09/2014
How interesting!!! I have literally never heard of this plant (flower) before, but it sounds amazing. I'm wondering if it will grow in rainy and cool climates, do you know anything about how to cultivate it? That's incredible that it could potentially help people with cocaine addiction. That's a tough one to break.
on 23/07/2013
yes this info is quite intresting
my gran is very weak and a bit can not be asked do anything so i think this will be beneficial becuase it provides energy.

on 28/02/2013
I just read the article about the recipes with kuzu and now that I have read this I?m wondered with all the benefits that this amazing ingredient can bring to everyone especially to addicted people, since I didn?t know that addictions could be treated with just a natural plant, I think this information is very interesting!

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