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Getting to know through the Iris

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Getting to know through the Iris

Eyes of a person can reveal much of their spiritual journey, their character traits and their genetic patterns. The iridology is the science that is responsible for this study, through the traits that have eyes, colors, forms, one can know a person deeply.

Rayid method, developed in the eighties by the naturopathic physician Denny Ray Johnson is one of the methods currently used for this purpose. No trait in the eyes is there just because as eyes have the ability of innate patterns of personality, thought, reveal disease, conflict, trauma, so it becomes a tool ideal that we can know which side of the hemisphere of the brain are working.

Based on experience and studies of Dr. Rayid, then we give a short table to determine which model it belongs to your iris (there are three basic patterns) and can see what kind of personality you have. So do not think more, take a look in the mirror, carefully observe your eyes, and then query this table.

Diamond personality

Iris: These people have concentrations of color, such as spots or dots, which appear in the fibers of the iris and color ranging from golden brown or brown-black to clear.

Personality: people are usually thoughtful and very verbal, often respond with phrases like "I believe ..."," Could it be that ... "" I think... " and so on. They are individuals who feel things too much, and have few physical gestures. Subconsciously, they learn better with visual instructions very descriptive and, in addition to possessing a great capacity for analysis and oral presentation, which means they are good speakers

These people are just like diamonds, they change and evolve slowly, analyze and consider each part of anything before accepting it and incorporate it into their creative or mental structure.

They are receptive and inquisitive, intense, and unidirectional nature enables access their mind in the most remote areas of the human imagination. They are good philosophers, critics, planners, and strategies. Resolve problems with cunning, are persuasive, and excellent leaders. The excessive self-control and mental ability shows that sometimes people are aloof, pretentious and manipulative. However, often do not have a smooth and healthy emotional expression, sometimes what they feel overly controlled so that in some cases may feel intensely anxious or lonely.

Flower personality: Emotional

Iris: This personality is characterized by curved or rounded openings in the fibers of the iris.

Personality: people are emotional, sensitive and spontaneous. They communicate with phrases like "I see ..." "Imagine that ..." and "Do not tell me? ...." They gesticulate much-and-subconsciously absorb much more knowledge when they receive information through hearing and clear. It seems they are always happy and with great energy, and some like dressing flamboyantly decorated, and are sociable. There energy and spontaneity is refreshing for those serious and dull . They have a creative ingenuity, are great writers, inventors, leaders of parties or gatherings, artists. Its explosion energy often need to make moments of deep rest, and do not know if measure their downloads could become emotional feeling very depressed, exhausted and alone.

River personality: Intuition

Iris: have fine fibers in the iris, such as stripes or zones of color.

Personality: they are sensitive and respond with gestures delicately controlled. Their character seems to be very well studied, choose expressions that try to fit in talks with elegance and education, but rather are guided by their intuitive sensitivity. "It seems to me ..." or "I feel ..." • "It seems to me rather than ..." are some of the expressions used by them. They are very sensitive, both physically and mentally, responsive to their environment, note the minor change or incident immediately, as if they had a radar. This subtle sensibility keeps them in a state of continuous movement and quiet concern. Can rarely sit still in one place long enough to enjoy themselves, and it seems that are the most beautiful. The personality reveals a major lesson that has to do with giving and receiving: their bodies are channels of spontaneous vitality that comes from inside, as if they were connected to an uninhibited energy wise and cool, emitting physical, mental and spiritual. The rest is people both physically and mentally attractive.

Sharp Personality: Strong and paradoxical

Iris: is between the diamond and flower, because they are a mixture of them.

Personality: differs significantly from the other patterns. Usually extremely difficult to teach or control, but once energy is balanced, leads to new and lasting changes in society. The personality is jealous and controlling, very loyal and devoted to a cause or goal. Some of the alternate personality traits and diamond flower, for those times seem to bright and agile, and more quiet and slow. Able to decide, but once decide something, know to respect . Usually they are often in situations that may encourage them to great heights of originality and execution, or sink into the depths of the self and abure. This is a classic pattern of behavior and that there is a paradox of the great successes with major failures. Its nature is exploratory and inventive traditions tend to follow. Enjoy the ceremonies.

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2 Reviews about Getting to know through the Iris
on 08/01/2015
These are always really interesting articles to read, but I'm not sure how much I really beleive them, you know? It just sounds like people have put together a bunch of assumptions that they make based on specific people they have known, and I don't think there's really any science to back it up.
on 06/08/2013
Wow, I did not know that there was a science that study the iris of the eye, this is pretty interesting, now I want to see all the people to the ayes and see what they are hidden, but well surely this is not 100% true, or yes? I do not want to believe in something that has just been invented just because

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