Do you know what you take when you drink cow's milk? Wissen Sie was Sie trinken wenn Sie Kuhmilch trinken? ¿Sabes lo que tomas cuando bebes leche de vaca?

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Do you know what you take when you drink cow's milk?

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Do you know what you take when you drink cow's milk?

It is important that you know that cow's milk...

Seems harmless, even a rich, healthy food, but do you know exactly what you're taking when you take a glass of cow's milk? Among the components of cow's milk, casein is at very high rates,a substance that in the body has severe consequences: Casein coagulates in the stomach and form lumps very difficult to digest; certainly it helps in the formation of bone and teeth, but is only indicated for the calves, who have a fit stomach (four cavities) to digest without problem. Casein is used in industry to make adhesives that are used in carpentry, for the same reason, every time you take milk cows, you are giving your body a viscous substance that hardens in the intestines, preventing, blocking and hindering the assimilation of nutrients and eliminating waste toxic agents.

Our stomach is not suitable to consume cow milk

There's a lot of propaganda, many people and doctors specializing in nutrition recommend and insist that cow milk is consumed because it contains protein and calcium, they ensure it is "indispensable" to the needs of the organism. However, one must know that our stomach is not suitable for this food. There are two enzymes, renin and lactase, which are responsible for breaking down and digest cow's milk. These enzymes, in almost all human beings, stop appearing at the three years. When the milk enters the body and cannot find those enzymes, it happens that the stomach has to make considerable efforts to digest, and, despite its enormous work for the food is absorbed, it does not work at all, so the milk is is attached in the intestines as a kind of pulp difficult to remove. Over time, these adhesions are fermented, dried, become a kind of crust that, over the years, results in numerous severe diseases, among which are thyroid problems, diabetes, any allergies, intolerance to certain food, excess mucus and phlegm, cough and colds, etc.

And also...

  • Cow's milk is not milk from years ago. It currently contains many chemicals, hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, etc. which are not visible on the glass of white milk.
  • The milk becomes acid in the human body due to heat because the body has to spend much time in there due to difficulty in digestion
  • The pasteurized milk is not very dangerous because it encourages bacteria.
  • The high-temperature pasteurized milk has almost completely lost all its nutrients and animal fat is saturated, which makes it harmful and detrimental to health.

What to consume then?

The dairy is butter, cheese, cream, and yogurt. Removing them from the diet is difficult when one is accustomed to these foods, especially when we have grown in a culture of maintenance that accustomed us to certain foods. However, if you read this article, it is because you are no doubt inclined to know about this, and certainly what you consume represents something important to you. Making an effort, you can really help your body eliminate gradually (if you can radically better) cow's milk and its derivatives. Here we present a series of tips so you can replace them, your body does not need these foods at all. If you have a balanced diet, you can delete them with confidence. If you are a mom or a dad concerned that your children being healthy, you can follow the same advice without any concern.

  • Replace cow's milk for soy milk. There are currently many products, either in powder or liquid that promote it.
  • The yogurt can be substituted with kefir or natural yogurt.
  • Cow cheese can be substituted by the famous Tofu, which can be used to prepare several recipes and has a consistency similar to panela cheese.
  • If you feel a lot craving for a cheese made from cow's milk, prefer the panela, or curd, or fresh cheese.
  • Try to not eat very salty.
  • The broccoli, nuts, dark green leafy vegetables, amaranth, honey, oats, orange, pollen, alfalfa, brewer's yeast, coconut, almonds are calcium-rich foods. Two almonds contain twice as much calcium as a glass of milk. Ideal for children, mixed fruit in a smoothie in the morning before going to school.

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3 Reviews about Do you know what you take when you drink cow's milk?
on 15/10/2015
This is a very controversial issue, and there are dictocrats that are interested on both sides in investing money both to promote, and to slander, milk consumption. I think a lot of the negative effects of our milk consumption come more from the way in which we prepare and store our milk, rather than the milk itself.
on 11/11/2013
Well, as you have said, If I am looking at this article it is because I am very interested in the topic, I have consider the option many times but I do not if I could quit eating cheese, I really like it, in all the forms but especially when it is cured, so maybe just quitting the milk
on 31/03/2011
TODO es MONEY... Para todos aquellos que dicen que "los medicos y pediatras estan correctos y este articulo esta mal". A esa personas les digo; A caso ustedes han escuchado de la medicina que por anos se le administro a personas con artritis "VIOXX y CELEBREX" que mato a muchas personas, y que hubo demandas millonarias; y que CASUAL SENORES que los medicos LA RECOMENDARON. "HELLO". No seamos ignorantes, el que tenga oidos oiga, el que tenga ojos vea. La industria de la leche es MULTIMILLONARIA y aporta muchisimo dinero como la del tabaco y el alcohol. Resientemente se hicieron estudios que comparan el dano que la leche puede causar tan grave como el tabaquismo, pero ya saben MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.
Es mi deber orientarme y buscar; no de solo ir a un medico que tiene 50,000 cosas en la cabeza como para estar pendiente de los medicamentos que en 20 anos saldran que eran daninos. UUPS!!!
Para todos aquellos que no crean lo danino de la leche, sigan empujandosela por ojo, boca y naris, y despues vivan una salud deficiente y mediocre. Buen provecho!
By the way... Les recomiendo la leche the papa sabe bien y si quieren orientarse mejor acerca de salud busquen Dr. Norman es medicina natural sin mentiras ni remedios magicos.
Bendiciones!!! Y salud para todo aquel que la busque y la proteja!!!!

P.S. Hace poco salio una demanda a una farmaceutica por unas pastillas anticonceptiva (Yaz y Yasmin), vi el anuncio en la ciudad de New York, asi que chicas verifiquen, si de casualidad usted las han consumido. Exito!

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