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Kiro Massage Center

KIRO Massage Center is located in the heart of Getafe and offers a wide variety of therapies and treatments performed by qualified personnel.

We are experts in Foot Reflexology, innovative technology, each day is more demand for expansion of the company.

We find the proper therapy or treatment for you to make it more enjoyable by taking care with every detail and personalized attention, creating a warm and pleasant place at any time and for the position while ensuring their health and wellbeing.


Set of manual techniques for sedatives and analgesics correction that rebalance the body fluids and provide many benefits to the body.

  • Eliminates pain, restores mobility and is an ideal therapy for sports.
  • Fights tiredness, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and promotes energy balance.
  • Useful for rheumatic and circulatory disorders, headaches, constipation, depression, arthritis, stress.
  • Favors nutrition of tissues and organs, stimulates the immune system, activating the blood.

Foot Reflexology

This therapy with a dual function: prevention and healing, stimulates specific areas of the skin and mucosal surfaces through specific points in the feet, harmonizing the body's functions.

  • Returns organs to their normal functioning correcting disorders, eliminating toxins and relievinf tension.
  • Experience a safe, healthy and relaxed therapy, which stimulates the body in the healing process.

Aesthetic Treatments

Express Facial Treatment:

Stimulates the natural production of collagen and cellular renewal, encouraging the restructuring of tissues. For those seeking quick and effective.

Prestige firmness Treatment:

Offers a comprehensive and intensive action to effectively combat the signs of aging and look at every aspect of full health on your skin.

Modeler Anti-cellulite Treatment:

Powerful program to reduce cellulite and local fat overload, with the aim of reactivating blood circulation, improving cellular oxygenation and the aspect of orange peel and facilitating the elimination of toxins.

Circulatory Treatment:

Ideal to relieve tired heavy legs and swollen, decongesting and enhancing circulatory failure. Give your legs a rest.

Relaxation Antistress Treatment:

Combats fatigue, stress and insomnia. Promotes tranquility producing a sedative effect, by direct or reflected, the fibers to relax and calms the sensory nervous system.

Firming Neck Treatment:

Control and reduce the sagging of the chin to the face can maintain a well-drawn oval.

Reductor Treatment:

Accelerates the process of reducing localized fat through a thermodynamic alternative achieves a lipo reducer.

Firming Treatment:

It is ideal during pregnancy and after childbirth. Reaches the recovery of the body toning, in specific areas such as buttocks, abdomen, chest or legs. The skin is firmer, toned, smooth and soft, turn to the stylized silhouette.

Hydrating Body Treatment:

Nourishes your skin. This treatment keeps your skin smooth, hydrated, soft and satin throughout the exercise. Ideal for sun-exposed skin.

Foot Reflexology

Feet Treatment that moisturizes, exfoliates and softens the skin so sensitive in this area, improving circulation and relieving the feeling of heaviness.

Baby Massage

Through simple relaxation techniques, it relieves discomfort of babies. Your baby will appreciate it.

Classes personalized and tailored to individual needs.


KIRO Massage Center

C / Santa Barbara 1

Metro: Juan de la Cierva


Phone: 91 682 13 30

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1 Reviews about Kiro Massage Center
on 25/09/2015
I've kind of been considering getting a massage lately, and reading this article really confirms that yes, I do need to get a massage. I've been experiencing a lot of tension in my back and neck region, and also simultaneously going through a period of stress, adn I think these are connected.

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