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Keys to tone your calves

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Keys to tone your calves

One issue that concerns everybody, both men and women, is the exercise of the legs for keeping them toned and in shape. And an important part of them are the calves. Many people feel that their calves are too thin or not they are not developed, while others believe they would be better more toned ... in short, our intention is to find the solution to achieve the image that makes you feel good!

While some argue that the calves are muscles that have unalterable size, it has been found that you can develop, tone and form them just any other body part. The correct way to exercise is located. As the claves support the body throughout the day, are used to carry loads, but in an irregular manner. The calf is used when you're stand, when you run, climb stairs ... That's why it's so difficult to grow, is used to work but that work is usually a mild but very long. So the better idea is to work harder than other muscles. To realize we're going to have to do completely the opposite.

Exercise routine:

The best exercise is to combine high repetitions with heavy weights. For example, you must perform the following four exercises spread over the week. Two are for the back muscle, and the other two for the lateral.

Day 1: (rear):

  • Lift your heels up: 10 repetitions with the highest weight possible.
  • Extension of heels Press: 5 repetitions with the highest weight possible.

Day 2 (side):

  • Raising heels of sitting: 10 repetitions with the highest weight possible.
  • Extension of heels with legs folded in press: 5 repetitions with the highest weight possible.

In the above routine, there is a combination of high repetitions with heavy weights. The equation allows to use a strict style and a recurrence rate of 2-2-2 (two seconds on the positive side, two seconds and two seconds of contraction to the negative). It is generally advisable to do a series every exercise from one to another as quickly as possible.

But if you want to grow, you must increase the weight and up to three minutes rest between exercises.

On the other hand if you want to increase your resistance, reduce the weight, do not rest between exercises and do 3 to 4 sets with a couple of minutes of rest between each.

Some important data for the training of calf:

  • No momentum. When the muscles in that area begin to hurt, it's easy to leave the original position for further replications. That's why if you feel so much pain and cannot be done properly, reduce the weight in kilograms by using these.
  • Try to follow the complete range of each movement. Slowly stretch your muscles properly, and bring them to cap the final position.
  • NOTE: At the beginning of the high heels hurt but with enough practice, annoying feeling disappears.

Exercises to do at home

For those people who work hard and do not have time to go to the gym, here we suggest a simple exercise that can be done anywhere:

Lift the ankles or legs: You can do it with a thick book to support or just standing on the floor. The ideal is to put a thick book or a hard piece of wood or something that you can stop. Put the tips of the feet in the book and the rest on the floor and raise your body using the legs so that it is parallel or horizontal feet. In other words, raise the body using the tips of toes. Actually using these tips and no ankles.

This exercise works very effectively the muscles of the ankles and they could hurt the first few days. Do 12 repetitions to begin (September 1), rest 15 seconds and do another 12. When it becomes very easy to do 12 more (September 3) and then you can get ankle weights to make it more difficult.
Going down stairs also helps strengthen the muscles of the ankles.

Tips to make your calves look very good:

  • Select the type of shoes best suited to your legs: Avoid using very high heels and tip. Shoes with ankle make the look more like thick wedge heels and thick.
  • Watch your diet: eat healthily and make sure to consume protein at every meal (beans, meat, eggs, whole wheat, nuts, milk, soybeans).

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2 Reviews about Keys to tone your calves
on 05/11/2014
You know, I have always been a cyclist and a runner, and I have never had a problem with my calves being flabby or out of shape. In fact, frequently when I wear heels, I really notice how defined my calves are, adn its all because of the workouts I get from running and cycling. That's all you really need to do.
on 08/07/2013
I have worried all the time on toning my body but I actually forgot of this important part of the body, since I want to show off a very well shaped body, with well defined muscles in every part of it, so it´s time to include these exercise and get a very good looking and toned calves!

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