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Keeping the line ... How to be thin and healthy

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Keeping the line ... How to be thin and healthy

People who have lost between 5% and 10% by weight, i.e. the minimum reduction in positive health effects, it will be noticed unless is re-gaining weight, so it is important to lose for real and, if possible, taking steps to achieve the ideal weight for height.

In this new healthier lifestyle, the balance between energy intake and expenditure is to be changed by increasing energy expenditure (exercise) and reduced intake (eating less). Here are some suggestions to help you achieve it.

In general

a. This is not a temporary change, but for life, a longer and healthier life.

b. Think carefully how you can achieve by following the preferred lifestyle. If this is not realistic, experience shows that will not last. Usually, it is possible to find a solution acceptable to plan ahead. We are animals of habits, and we must ensure that they are good.

c. Weigh yourself weekly. Adjusting activity levels and dietary intake may maintain a constant weight with a margin of 2 to 3kg.

Increasing energy expenditure

a. It is evidence that exercise on a regular basis is not only vital, but it is almost the only way to avoid gaining weight again. Exercise helps maintain the balance of energy, improves heart and lung function, reduces the risk of depression and boredom and keeps snacks between meals.

b. The more intense exercise will be effective, but it is healthy to walk or go by bike, instead of traveling by car or bus, and using the stairs instead of the elevator.

Reducing the intake of food

a. Find a rhythm of meals to you. Some people find that having a great breakfast avoids being exceeded during the day. Most consider it appropriate to make three meals (two light and a more complete).

b. Cut down on calories reducing fat and alcohol, which are very energetic but do not satisfy the hunger in a sustainable way. It is better to consume carbohydrates, especially those that contain fiber.

c. Reduce rations and use a smaller dish.

d. Taking five pieces or servings of fruits or vegetables a day helps control weight and is very healthy.

e. Do not avoid the business or celebration lunch. Get organized in advance to allow any excess. In these cases, carefully select the dishes and take small portions to avoid problems.

f. Analyze the causes that will take you to eat between meals and try to find a solution.

Source: EUFIC

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2 Reviews about Keeping the line ... How to be thin and healthy
on 26/11/2015
Diet and exercise. A lot of people think that simply by working out you can eat more, and still lose weight. Losing weight is a combination of food reduction, choosing healthier foods to fuel your workouts, while making the most of your workouts. Diet and exercise, both are necessary.
on 05/01/2014
This is so good, I looking forward losing weight but all the time that I am reaching my challenge, then I gain weight again and it seems that nothing work, what should I do? I will try these recommendations, maybe I really need to change my habits and diet, and of course leave the alcohol for once

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