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Just Pump: exercise and fun

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Just Pump: exercise and fun

If you are looking for an activity that combines physical exercise, training and fun, we offer the Just Pump.

Also known as Body Pump, it is a training program that takes the most efficient exercises for fitness in a gym class.

In this way we manage to strengthen and tone our muscles without increasing the volume, what they want most women! Moreover, the results are fast and visible in a short time: the figure is stylized, they reinforce the muscle groups and reduces the amount of body fat. Furthermore, the simplicity and ease of movement makes a Body Pump class very accessible for anyone wishing to make sport without having to suffer complicated choreography or positions that require a long learning process.

Just Pump class

The class session is a very simple and dynamic for everyone. For approximately 55 minutes, the student participates in an adjustable weight bar 10 routines that work every major muscle groups, always to the beat. Ideally, practice 2 or 3 times a week. Depending on individual needs, the bar of weights will be regulated independently, may even be practiced without weight to suit the special cases of some people.

A class of Body Pump runs to the beat of a dynamic that allows music to motivate students and give a structure to conduct the meeting. Generally, the class is divided into 10 themes or "tracks" for the work of different parts of the body. All exercises are performed with a resistance added by the bar and some discs weighing allowing the muscle to work more intensively. The weight will vary depending on the muscle group to work and the ability of the student who practices.

Example of a session

  • First track: The first issue is to start with the "heat input". It performs a rapid sequence of a large part of the exercises will be conducted throughout the class. In this way the body prepares for the work phase that will follow.
  • Second track: work the legs and buttocks doing a squat with their sequence variants.
  • Third track: Working chest.
  • Fourth track: back and buttocks.
  • Fifth track: Triceps.
  • Sixth track: Biceps.
  • Seventh track: Repeat with the leg work. This time with genuflections or thrust.
  • Eighth track: Shoulders.
  • Ninth track: Abs.
  • Tenth track: The session has just devoting 5 to 10 minutes of stretching and relaxing the body.


  • Quick and very satisfactory.
  • The body is modeled.
  • It strengthens the joints.
  • It invigorates and strengthens the muscles: the repetitions of the exercises increase strength in preparation for challenges to the body stronger.
  • You lose fat and thus weight: the intense and constant movement helps burn calories significantly, as they are used as fuel to stay active. It also accelerates the process of metabolism of fats.
  • It increases bone density: the weight with exercise significantly improves bone mineral density and therefore reduces osteoporosis (decalcification of bone that leads to become porous) in the future.
  • It develops endurance and strength.
  • Strengthens the heart. The intense pace of work makes this muscle stronger, so it improves its performance.
  • Lowers blood pressure. Greatly speeding up the movement, which contributes to the pressure regularized.
  • Improves immune system. The work generates muscle glutamine, a substance essential to the functioning of the immune system that defends us from infection.
  • Lowers cholesterol level. Several studies confirm that the intense activity prevents blood cholesterol adhering to artery walls, reducing the risk of heart attack.
  • Eliminates toxins. Assists in the disposal of the body through sweat and blood, as well as having a more efficient breathing.
  • Reduce stress. Being a relaxing and fun activity helps to reduce tension.
  • The self-esteem. Feel good and see the immediate effects raise the well-being with oneself.

Why Practicing Just Pump?

As mentioned, in a session, muscle toning exercises are combined with aerobics. And is an activity including all muscles of the body, generating the effect of welfare, because this exercise stimulates production of endorphins, brain chemicals responsible for feeling of wellness in the body.

Besides these sessions are characterized by being intense, effective and safe, and the results are very fast for those who seek to shape their body. One of the most important aspects is that this exercise is adaptable for different ages and needs.

Undoubtedly, the aerobic part of their structure makes the Body Pump an ideal sport to burn calories and reduce body fat. If practiced regularly, it achieves stylizing figure and reduces the fat in our body. In addition, it improves the position of the back body and the attitude in our daily lives. And as improving bone density, is a sport highly recommended for people with Osteoporosis. In short, is a perfect sport to disconnect from daily life, and have fun to be a class group, encouraging social interaction.

Keep in mind

Always have water handy. Drinking water will help keep you hydrated throughout the session. The bottles are the best ally!

At the beginning, do not force much your body during the first classes. We recommend starting with small weights or without weights, and before long, you can join the normal level of the class without risking injury, always guided by a coach.

It may be performed as a complement to other sports like football, volleyball, tennis and golf, or it may be an independent training.

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2 Reviews about Just Pump: exercise and fun
on 08/08/2014
I love lifting weights! I can never do any one thing for too long though (I like to try different things), but every time I leave the gym after lifting, I feel like I got such a great workout. And the effects are noticeable pretty early on into a weight lifting "diet". Just after a few weeks you can start to notice new muscle tone, and stronger muscles, longer resistance. It's definitely a great off-season training for endurance sports too.
on 07/07/2013
I was looking for an exercise that could have all the benefits of many aerobic exercises in one and maybe this is the answer that I wanted so much, I?m going to search more information and if there is gym near here that has an expert on this topic to help me out

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