Juice-Therapy to strengthen Pancreas Säfte die den Pankreas stärken Jugos para fortalecer el Páncreas

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Juice-Therapy to strengthen Pancreas

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Juice-Therapy to strengthen Pancreas

The pancreas is a gland behind the stomach which is responsible for producing certain fluids and pancreatic juices whose function is to help digest food. It also produces insulin, which is a hormone that regulates the way in which the digested nutrients are stored in the body.

Avoid eating

To look after the pancreas is necessary to avoid eating red meat, sausages and fried food, as well as refined flour and sugar, as they greatly hinder pancreatic functions. You should avoid the maximum consumption of animal fats (cheese, milk, chicken, etc., except for fish), as well as avoiding smoking, drinking alcohol and overeating at one meal, and avoid exaggerating in taking drugs and chemicals.

Foods to eat

To maintain a healthy pancreas and prevent pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer and pancreatic morbid, you must take into account to include in the daily diet at least 2 liters of pure water and increase the consumption of fresh vegetables, which are a medicine and nutritional elixir for the pancreas.

The vegetables recommended for pancreas are: lettuce, potatoes, green beans, artichokes, aloe, cabbage, carrots, spinach, celery, beets and chard.

Recommended fruits: banana, lemon, mango, apple, oranges, tangerines, papaya, and plums.

Here are some juices that will not only serve to keep your pancreas in good form and regenerate its functions, but to prevent diseases and conditions of this important body part. The best vegetables have been selected; drink at least one or two of these juices a day when suffering from an affection of the pancreas.

NOTE: vegetable juices are better in the evenings or to accompany food (you must avoid sugary drinks or teas during meals). Fruit juices are better in the morning, but should be drunk on an empty stomach and avoid eating anything during the half hour that follows). Do not mix fruits with vegetables or any other food.

Brussels sprouts and carrot juice


  • A cup of Brussels sprouts well disinfected
  • A glass of carrot juice
  • A stick of celery


  1. Mix all and serve without strain and don’t add lemon or sugar, drink sipping slowly.

Lettuce Juice


  • A cup of long-leaf lettuce (it contains more sodium than potassium)
  • One cup of carrot juice
  • A bit of beet


  1. Mix and sip unsweetened without lemon since it kills some vitamins such as A, the lemon is great but you should drink it in the morning dissolved in half a glass of warm water.

Green beans and carrot juice


  • One cup of carrot juice
  • Half cup of tender green beans
  • A stick of celery


  1. Mix and serve as the preceding paragraphs.

Artichoke juice



  1. Mix everything and serve as explained.

Mango and sunflower seeds juice



  1. Mix everything and drink as explained before.

Papaya and flax seed juice


  • A large slice of papaya
  • A heaping tablespoon of flax seed
  • 3 almonds


  1. Blend all and drink the same way.

Orange and lemon juice (to drink in the morning)


  • A glass of orange juice
  • 2 lemons


  1. Mix and drink in the same way.

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7 Reviews about Juice-Therapy to strengthen Pancreas
on 28/11/2015
We don't know its' function??? Of course we do!

Basically, the pancreas is the chief metabolic organ regulating important hormones (ie. insulin and glucagon) involved in the transport of primary sugars into/out of cells. Therefore, the pancreas makes "energy" available at one of the most fundamental of biological levels, the cell.

Another important role the pancreas plays is the secretion of digestive enzymes (ie. protease, lipase, amylase, trypsin, etc.) which break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the duodenum, which is part of the small intestine. Once these enzymes have catalyzed the reactions leading to the breakdown of nutrients into smaller units, those units (ie. peptides, lipids and sugars) may be absorbed through the later portion of the small intestine into the blood stream. The simplified nutrients can then be transported around the body for use or storage.

on 01/10/2014
Excellent suggestions! I've been looking for some great, easy to use recipes to do general cleanses. I typically tend to use general, full-body cleanses, but it's good to find some really good recipes for specific organs as well. You're right, there's not much talk about the pancreas specifically, but every organ has its role, and they all work together.
on 01/09/2013
Hi just wondering the risks of not having pancreas my mum just got told she didn't have any pancreas left is that dangers wat can she do so she is not always sick
on 01/05/2013
I am a diabetic since 5 years ago. Can I still take the above fruits? Will it spike my sugar level? Thanks.
on 17/05/2016
Yes diabetics can take fruits but in less quantity and interval at least 2hrs .
on 17/02/2013
I need more information for Juice-Therapy , for COLON CANCER .
can you please help me , i need this information . my has a colon cancer and had an operations 3 month ago , sometimes he had bleeding when he in toilet .

for your information , i appreciate you very much .
thank you



on 14/02/2013
Some people may think that the pancreas is not an important organ, but the fact it is. Every organ is important and we must take care of them, even though we really don?t know its function, it is important. Thanks for this information and these juices to prevent and even cure pancreatic problems

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