Juice and herbal products for people with seizures or epilepsy Säfte und Phytotherapie für Menschen mit Krampfanfällen oder Epilepsie Jugos y fitoterapia para personas con crisis convulsivas o epilepsia

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Juice and herbal products for people with seizures or epilepsy

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Juice and herbal products for people with seizures or epilepsy

Seizures or epilepsy may be due, among other things, a toxemia or starvation of the nervous system, as well as worms in the colon or other factors related to a nervous system that functions poorly due to poor nutrition or bad absorption of nutrients.

Seizures or convulsions may wane and the nervous system can begin to heal if the diet supports the healing process. For this, nothing better than a natural therapy based on juices and food essential for a healthy nervous system.

Here, we mention five juice samples. Always take them freshly made, without adding sugar, salt or anything else. If the juice therapy is combined with a daily exercise routine (because oxygen is an essential element of the brain), you'll see that favorable results are emphasized.

No refined sugar or baking!

During 21 days of therapy, you should avoid foods that harm and damage the nervous system such as refined sugar and white bread, including all derivatives as pastries, soft drinks, juices and waters with added sugar, sweets, processed, canned , etc. These products should not be consumed in this period, if you crave a lot of sweetness, try a fruit or a little honey, which is the only sweetener allowed. No light sugar, splenda or anything low in calories, you should not take brown sugar or molasses these days. Remember that fruits and vegetables contain enough sugar for the body.

Food that benefit you:

Vegetable milk and oils of first pressure, fish, eggs, brewers yeast, flaxseed, chlorophyll liquid, vegetables and fruits, whole grains, special herbs for the nervous system, garlic, onion, etc.

How to do the therapy?

FASTING: take a glass of citrus juice as a mandarin, grapefruit, or a glass of warm pure water with the juice of a squeezed lemon, etc. Do not take anything for the 20 minutes that follow. Then, your first meal should be bread or oatmeal with milk and nuts or almond milk with cereal.

BREAKFAST: Choose what you like but nothing fried or red meat.

MID MORNING: choose fresh vegetable juice or fruit (don’t combine fruits with vegetables), combining two or three vegetables of your choice, for example, carrots and celery and parsley, alfalfa or carrot or celery juice with aloe or beet juice, carrot or spinach, etc. (See fruit juices)

FOOD: Choose what you like, preferably choose fish that is great for nourishing the nervous system. Accompany your stew with fresh salad and drink some recommended tea.

MID AFTERNOON: choose vegetable or fruit juice like apple, pears, grapes, plum, mango, etc. Choose one or two fruits and grab a juice or salad, remember not to mix fruits with vegetables or other food. Also remember not to mix sweet with acid fruits. Try to eat bananas alone, without mixing.

DINNER: Choose what you like for dinner except forbidden foods, the best at this time are the cereals and vegetables or tuna sandwich, etc. Dinner should be done 2 hours before bedtime.

Before sleeping, drink yogurt or kefir, a probiotic food sugar free, sweetened with honey and add raisins, prunes, almonds or walnuts.

Remember to drink a day at least 2 liters of pure water to easily remove impurities from your body and your cells.

After the juice therapy

The juice-based therapy should be done for 21 days so that your intestines, blood and all your systems are repaired, nurtured and strengthened. When you have completed the 21 days, it is best to try to continue taking vegetable and fruit juices, and minimizing the consumption of products not recommended.

Remember that juice therapy is as natural therapy, a process which may take time, as nature takes its own pace of recovery and healing. Do not despair if you do not notice quick results, each body responds positively to these therapies, but at different times, so you need to have patience and trust that nature is helping to heal in every way.

Carrot, celery and flax juice


  • 5 or 6 fresh carrots, peeled and disinfected well
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • One tablespoon of flaxseed

Pass the vegetables in juice extractor and then liquefy with flaxseed, which can be substituted for oats.

Aloe and carrot juice


Pass the vegetables through the extractor and drink the fresh juice mid-morning or afternoon.

SAGE JUICE: (Sage is well known for treating nervous system disorders, brain, glands, etc.., Used to soothe brain/spinal irritation). Drink sage juice a day.

ARTEMIS TEA: This herb has decongestants properties, stimulates the brain and spinal cord. Drink a cup of tea for lunch.

ROSEMARY TEA: It is a great ally of mental health, strengthens brain function and helps treat the problems associated with the nervous system. Drink a tea of rosemary for dinner or lunch or add a twig to your vegetable juice.

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4 Reviews about Juice and herbal products for people with seizures or epilepsy
on 20/01/2017
I currently take keppra on advice of epileprologist. He does not believe in natural treatment, but i hate taking medication, but I fell the last time i had seizure and am afraid to get off but would love to hear from someone who fell and got off all meds.
on 19/01/2017
Sage and Rosemary should not be used if you have seizures because they can also cause seizures. I put Rosemary on my daughter's hair and she has epilepsy, she had three seizures that day.
on 03/10/2014
A coworker of mine has been going through a bout of seizures for the past few months, and it has me really worried. He has been epileptic for quite some time, but for years he had his seizures under control with medication. Recently, within the past 3 months, he has had 3 seizures, for unexplained reasons. I will send him this link and hope he finds it useful.
on 06/03/2013
Mental problems can occur even if you are not predispose but if you have bad habit during a long period of your life, so you have to control them and avoid bad symptoms by taking into account some recommendations and changing the attitude towards life. Well, and those juices are good for the body anyway

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