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Joy creates beauty

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Joy creates beauty

Note your problems and your weeping; note the way in which you teach someone to do something, see your anger and objections that you find to life and world. Note your finances, your debts, your humor ... Note your laugh, your true happiness… Where is it?

Laughter is not only the best weapon to combat stress, to release emotions, to maintain healthy nervous system and exercise a number of facial muscles, but even the wisest men know that the power of laughter act not just in emotional and spiritual level, but it is a state that reflects a upper beauty in the body. A frequent hilarity in humans not only creates beauty in them, but around them. The sudden outbreak of laughter, finding the humor in life, is not something you planned or formulated in advance. Laughter is a spontaneous reaction of the body, is the result of a way of life, is the conclusion of simplicity and spontaneity to reach life experience.

Joy and the Law of least resistance

The joy is obvious; we are connected to it constantly. We should understand that this joy is not the superficial joy that hides the pain and sorrows of life in passenger pleasures such as alcohol, snuff, noise, superficial jokes, and more. The joy which we are talking here and we are constantly connected is a feeling of creativity and inspiration, is an energy full of vitality and curiosity, spontaneity. This is an energy to which we are connected. No need to look it up. This emotion is strong and full of joy and can be blocked or decrease the flow in our lives because we have the resistance to flow in a more simple and spontaneous way in life. In nature there is a law: if observed, it is clear.  The nature practice the law in every moment, the law of least effort. Everything works under this Act, unless the human being.

Flowing with the law of least resistance

In the moment when you are not flowing with the law, then what is called a resistance is created. Resistance means not allowing permission to move as simply on the circumstances of everyday life. This resistance not only blocks the spontaneity and the most deep joy of human being, but it is causing the reason why our muscles, even if you do not notice, get tense, and we are under a constant anxiety and rejection of what life is. In the long term, this resistance began to weaken the organs, the nervous and immune system, causing imbalances in the body. And then, later, it begins to reflect not only in our state of health, but in beauty, because the hair will get brittle, your skin will begin to protest this constant tension and anxiety in many ways, the eyes reflect tension, nervousness.


It is easy to notice when this natural flow is blocked, because everything starts to get complicated in some form or another, and what began as a small problem, soon become really large. Our beliefs about how to live life, attitudes learned, how we translate life, are the attitudes that pollute our responsiveness to the energy of joy. We are used to react in certain ways, and when we do not react in new forms, then the resistance becomes greater, the belief and attitude is "hardened" and the problem cannot be dissolved but seems to increase. In fact, the key to have a clean channel, is trust. The whole problem of problems is not to rely on the ability of nature to bring a greater understanding. One problem is really a push to take us to a greater understanding of something. In the time when we resist the assessment, reflection and new movement, the message of the problem is that it doesn’t need a solution and should push harder. Therefore, we should begin to practice this confidence, avoid wanting to solve everything in the same way. The mere act of contemplating our lives leads us to considerations and movements more fluid and satisfying.

To wait happiness and joy with deep impatience do not serve. The laughter and joy flow through the powerfully simple man, who has a receptive and reflective, light and creative attitude.

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2 Reviews about Joy creates beauty
on 22/02/2015
So true! Yes yes yes, and joy...true really our choice. We can choose at this very moment, to be at peace, or to struggle with whatever life situation we happen to be "dealing" with at this moment. We can all choose joy, and those that have know how much easier that choice makes everything else.
on 20/12/2012
Hi! It seems interesting how the world can play with us and our mind by sending messages that maybe we can?t understand in the first place but when you think calm and with joy, everything has a solution, we just have to be calm and enjoy every moment of life.

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