Japan: major consumer of organic Spanish olive oil Japan: großer Verbraucher von spanischen Bio-Olivenöl Japón: gran consumidor de aceite de oliva ecológico español

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Japan: major consumer of organic Spanish olive oil

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Japan: major consumer of organic Spanish olive oil

Olive oil from organic agriculture in Spanish is one of the products that Japanese consumers demand more. According to recent studies, the sale of extra virgin olive oil from organic production in Japan has significantly increased over the years.

The figures speak for themselves: The oil market in the ecological market 2008 (518.047 kilograms) is a 27% higher than the average sales of the previous five years. This has resulted in eleven companies in the region are already registered in the Service Certification Committee of Andaluz of Organic Agriculture (CAAE) to market its products in Japan. With this demand in Japan shows a very important part of the Spanish brands in the Asian market, as Japan acquires 95% of the packaging product.

Undoubtedly, the archipelago has become a very attractive market, and this is due to factors:

  • Japanese consumers show great interest in foreign products
  • They are a type of consumer purchasing power with a very high
  • Food is a major expenditure for households

The Japanese interest in products from organic farming is partly due to the small size of arable land he owns, and its many inhabitants. This led the population to prevent deterioration of soils. Thus, the first organic farmers were supported by consumer groups and the production increases with the import of organic products from the major world producers.

About organic olive oil  

When we talk about organic agriculture and crops, we refer to an agricultural system whose main objective is to obtain the highest quality food while respecting the environment and conserving soil fertility. This is achieved through the optimal use of natural resources and without the use of chemicals. This will cultivate olive fruit which gives the best organic olive oil.

How to grow green olive  

An olive tree requires appropriate management of a series of procedures and steps:

Soil management

  • The three soil degradation processes common in the olive groves in Andalusia are:
  • Water erosion (rain).
  • The physical and biological degradation (excessive tillage, low input of organic matter to soil).
  • Use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

To improve the soil organic olive groves are taken the following measures:

  • Tillage level, infiltration trenches or ditches.
  • Terraces.
  • Control of gully.
  • Cover crops, use of inert cover (mulch) and addition of organic matter.
  • Managing pests, diseases and weeds
  • To manage pests and diseases of olive (fly, moth, tuberculosis, etc.), First took into account factors such as natural control measures.
  • A good level of fertility in the soil.
  • Proper use of water.
  • Introduction of plants that serve as refuge for natural enemies.
  • Performance of other beneficial cultural practices (pruning, removal of damaged parts, etc.)..
  • Once detected the pest or disease is treated with organic products approved for this purpose.
  • The treatment of weeds is similar to the cover.

Sources: Ecoalimenta / Oro del desierto

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3 Reviews about Japan: major consumer of organic Spanish olive oil
on 15/10/2014
I think Japan consumes a lot of imported products really. After reading this article, and now that I moved to Alaska in the U.S., I'm realizing how much of our fish we send out to Japan. There's even a special sort of clam that is dug from the Pacific Northwest, and sent almost exclusively to Japan.
on 06/07/2013
Surely Japan needs to import all the products that are made from organic origin since they don?t have crops or space to cultivate their own, and it?s good to know that spain is one of the major producers of olive oil, it?s delicious and pretty healthy too!
on 30/08/2013

Not all olive oil is organic as labelled. Please look in depth the manufacturer to make sure they can back up their product as " organic"
with some proof.

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