IX Meeting of Iberian Ecovillage Network IX Treffen der Red Iberica für Ökodörfer IX ENCUENTRO DE LA RED IBÉRICA DE ECOALDEAS

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IX Meeting of Iberian Ecovillage Network

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IX Meeting of Iberian Ecovillage Network

This time we travel to Murcia, the regional park of Sierra Espuna, last frontier of the green and luxuriant Mediterranean southeast, where the gardens of Aquarius project are, launched in 1998. Event responsible is Permaculture Network of the Southeast with the support of the Red Ibérica of ecovillages to which it belongs.

The network of permaculture was created in 1996 and is currently the permaculture network with the longest peninsula in the ten years since its inception, the network of permaculture has edited magazines, and now bulletins launched a barter group, courses, trips, seminars and conferences on permaculture, promoted partnerships and consumption of organic products, but especially in these ten years have been continuously permaculture encounters, every 3 or 4 months, having visited at least more than 30 projects of all kinds permaculture in southeast Spain. With an average attendance of 30 to 50 people at each meeting where you live, you will enjoy, and helps you work, learn, etc., this has meant over the years, within the network has created a group friendship, great support and enthusiasm that helps us look to the future, and that both the personal and the community continue to grow and expand.

So with this illusion, we hope and welcome you to the ninth meeting of ecovillages.


Thursday September 7th to Sunday September 10th.
Reception and welcome from 8th in the morning.
The Opening Ceremony Thursday at 18:00
Closing, completion and closing on Sunday at 18.00

Recommendations for meeting: 

  • The meeting will bring tent, dishes, glasses and cutlery. Although there is a camping and lodging nearby. The place has a swimming pool, shady pines, aromatic and farmland. There will be organic and vegetarian food. Offer workshops and activities for children from 5 years.
  • The price for meals is still not fixed, but will try to make it affordable.
  • However for such an event where so many people are involved, it will require the cooperation and active participation in meeting to be the most satisfactory for all.
  • There is the possibility to participate as volunteers the week before meeting in exchange for food during this time and / or recording of the meeting. Interested contact the organization.

Getting there: 

The regional park of Sierra Espuna is between Murcia and Almeria, gardens aquarium located in the town of Totana.

If are coming from Alicante or Andalusia, it would be better for the highway to get to Totana, Aledo then climb up and then taking the road Bullas / Totana Zarzadilla of about 7 km, is indicated the entry. However if you come to Madrid or above and do not want to get to Murcia, it can be diverted from the freeway to cross the fields and mountains to reach Mula and Bullas Cieza or from any of those three towns are easily connected in reverse Aledo direction and to the left and found a sign indicating access to the site.

Well see you soon, and somehow, the next meeting of ecovillages have already begun their march. We are waiting.

Submission of proposals for workshops taught at the meeting

Content and thematic workshops were taught to be as practical and participative as possible, will also promote the dynamics that support the gathering, exchange and debate among attendees.
In a more special and in depth way, the topic of permaculture will play in all aspects but particularly focusing on the following motto, permaculture as an Alternative to desertification and climate change and life in community with particularly encouraging people proposing to attend workshops on permaculture and especially with these issues. Anyway, without leaving aside other issues relating to health, education, gender, spirituality, cultural, artistic, creative, experimental and holidays, etc.

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1 Reviews about IX Meeting of Iberian Ecovillage Network
on 30/10/2014
I am VERY interested in these ecovillages. Apparently they've been popping up all over the world ,and I would really, really like to visit one. The only drawback that I have right now is that I went to college for 5 years and have accumulated a large amount of student debt, meaning I now have to work to pay it off. But after that...

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