IX edition of the Andalusian BioFeria begins on May 22nd in Jerez IX Ausgabe der andalusischen BioFeria beginnt 22. Mai in Jerez IX edición de la BioFeria andaluza comienza el 22 de mayo en Jerez

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IX edition of the Andalusian BioFeria begins on May 22nd in Jerez

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IX edition of the Andalusian BioFeria begins on May 22nd in Jerez

Andaluza Fair of Organic food, BioFeria is celebrated from May 22nd in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz) to bring local people of food produced and processed in the Community under the Production Environment. This is the ninth edition of the Bioferia, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and, with a regular and Traveler, covers the eight Andalusian provinces to promote the marketing and consumption of local organic products.

Thus, the Fair is divided into jaimes show where the producers and sell directly to the public offering, which facilitates people's access to organic food in Andalusia. In addition, the Fair also features an area for activities aimed at disseminating organic agriculture through games, information panels and other outreach proposals, which will be borne by the Directorate General of organic production of Counseling.

In this new call, as in previous ones, is involved in around half hundred producers throughout Andalusia, or in integrated partnerships, which are Inizan; Ecological Producers of The Pedroches; Trout and sturgeon Riofrío; Eco-and Bio Vizcántar pantry; The Balanchares; organic producers and Costa de La Alpujarra of Granada; Ecoaltiplano; Biocastril; Participatory Guarantee System; Monte Robledo Aracena; Biol; and Viñas Biobética Galeón colonies. In addition, the firm will be present Miel Rancho Jerez Courtier two producers and guests, The Eco-Pan Earth and Sun.

Cheeses packaged, oils, vegetables, confectionery products, extra virgin olive oil, wine, pork, trout, sturgeon, fresh meat, bread, honey, fruits, vegetables, between other foods, are the varied assortment of certified organic production, to which consumers have access in Bioferia in Jerez, which will remain open from 10.00 to 15.00 hours in the Plaza del Arenal.

Cadiz province of Andalusia is the second in terms of area certified as organic, with more than 100,150 acres of the nearly 600,000 of the Community, which in turn represent nearly 60% of the total space.

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2 Reviews about IX edition of the Andalusian BioFeria begins on May 22nd in Jerez
on 18/10/2014
This would have been a interesting event to see...too bad I missed it. I agree with Jason, people need to see these types of things, because living in a society where people buy their meat at a grocery store, pre-packaged and "ready to go", we loose sight with what it really means to consume meat.
on 05/10/2013
The fairs are importat as events to show people a different way of acting and living, especially in this case that the fair teaches the people to be better and change the planet for good, not matter the place, the planet needs more friends on its side

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