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IV National Competition of organic wines in Estella - Lizarra Hiria

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IV National Competition of organic wines in Estella  - Lizarra Hiria

30 wines from Albacete, Alicante, Cordoba and Navarre, among the winners in the contest.

The competition awards the Golden Star to the Lezaun Tempranillo 2009 and to Young White Viña Cerrón 2010. Wine Cask Azpe wins Popular with Azpe Moscatel 2007.

The next show joins Five, the International Organic Wine Fair in Pamplona with a view to increasing the visibility of organic wines

Estella, November 23, 2010 - This morning the organizers of the VI National Contest of Wines made with grapes from organic agriculture in Estella Lizarra Hiria City have announced the awards of the contest which 30 Spanish wines of quite varied had participated. This new edition has received a record number of wine samples, 102, has awarded wines from Albacete, Alicante, Cordoba and Navarra. The jury, a panel of expert tasters from renowned institutions such as the Department of Viticulture and Enology Laguardia (Álava), the Quality Institute in La Rioja, the Transfer Center Agrifood Zaragoza, General Branch Promoting quality and Agri-Food (MAPA), the Commerce Control Board Rioja Regulatory Council D.O.C. Navarra, ICAN, EVENA, the Association of Winemakers of La Rioja, Basque Country and Navarra, and NEA (Association of Organic Agriculture Navarra), has given its verdict following the trial of the rules of International Union of Winemaking.

The Gold Star contest

Among the awards include the Gold Star awarded to the winery for its wine Lezaun Navarre "Lezaun Tempranillo 2009" in red wines category - subcategory and unfermented Red Wines aged in wood - Foodcrops 2008/2009. In the White Wine category Calm - Subcategory unfermented white wines and aged in wood, the Gold Star has gone to the cellar for their wine Cerrón Albacete "Young White Viña Cerrón 2010."

Competition has also awarded 17 Silver Stars and 11 Bronze in the various categories and subcategories of the competition. The winery has won more awards, the Catalan Albet i Noya, will take 9 awards (6 Silver Stars and 3 bronze) among the 18 wines it has presented. The winery N navarra Lezaun won 3 distinctions, and a Gold Star, won two Silver Stars in the categories of red. Wineries Cerrón (Albacete) and Bocopa (Alicante), will also receive three awards each, to the first, besides the aforementioned Gold Star, it was awarded with two bronze medals in the categories red and rose. Bocopa, meanwhile, wins two silver medals and one bronze, for its red wines.

Popular Barrel Award

The winery takes Navarre Azpe Audience Award, Popular with its wine cask "Azpe Tinto Joven 2007" The prize has been awarded by the public attending the popular tasting organized on Sunday. For the evaluation and classification of wines submitted to this contest, they had used a sheet of the International Union of Winemakers and their rules of use. The Gold Star was awarded to wines that have scored between 100 and 88 points. Score to obtain the Silver Star has varied between 87 and 83 points, and the Bronze between 82 and 80. The cut score has raised since the Bronze award-winning wine cap stipulated in the competition are 30 wines.

The Awards

Awards The Gold Star, Silver Star and Bronze Star will be held on 26 November at the Hotel de Estella-Lizarra Tximista at 19.30. The ceremony will meet organizations related to agricultural production and representatives of the participating wineries, industry players and other personalities.

Categories of the sixth edition of the contest:

1. Quiet White Wine


1.1. White wine not fermented or aged in wood

1.2. White wines fermented or aged in wood

2. Quiet Rose Wines

3. Red wines


3.1. Red wines not fermented or aged in wood, crop 2008 and 2009.

3.2. Red wines aged in wood, harvests 2008 and 2009.

3.3. Red wines aged in wood from other previous crops.

4. Sparkling Wines

5. Sweet Wine and Liquor

The VI National Contest of Wines made with grapes from organic agriculture in Estella Lizarra Hiria City has been organized by the City Council, the Government of Navarra (through the Department of Rural Development and Environment), EVEN (Station of Viticulture and Enology Navarra) and CPAEN (Organic Farming Council of Navarra). In addition to the official tasting, the event has had a series of public activities, such as a photo exhibition, table view on the sector and a Green Weekend where the public has been pots and organic wine tasting.

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2 Reviews about IV National Competition of organic wines in Estella - Lizarra Hiria
on 14/10/2014
It sounds like Spain has a lot of wine exhibitions, I'd really like to take a trip there and do some wine testing and bike riding there. I've never been, but now after reading all these articles I really think I'd like to take a trip!! I love drinking wine, but I'm not anywhere near a wine guru, but I do love a good glass every now and then!
on 28/02/2013
It?s good to know that there are another contests and exhibitions for the wines! I haven?t gone to this one but it seems interesting especially because they present a rose wine category and I just love that kind of wine, so I hope to attend it this year! Thanks for the information, I?m going to research more about it

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