IV Fair of Organic Products and Crafts at Sanlúcar IV Messe für ökologische Erzeugnisse und Handwerk in Sanlúcar IV Feria de productos ecológicos y artesanos en Sanlúcar


IV Fair of Organic Products and Crafts at Sanlúcar

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IV Fair of Organic Products and Crafts at Sanlúcar

On Sunday December 11th, for the fourth consecutive years, Sanlúcar Ecologists in Action, along with the Association of Consumers of organic products, in collaboration with the Association of Artisans Sanlúcar and sponsorship Delegation of the Environment, are organizing the IV Fair of organic products and Craftsmen, the central street in San Juan, near the Plaza del Cabildo, there can buy the products of the land free of poisons and carcinogens to our body as well as craft items made by hand, exclusive and unique environmental information also from the different campaigns that are working together with a presentation on Climate Change and International Debt.

Hours to the public as usual, will be 10 am to 6 pm, without interruption.

We can find very diverse Crafts: esparto, dried flowers, watches stone, plaster, ceramics, paintings, silver accessories, baby items, work in palm, Christmas decorations, carpets, soaps, etc.

To expand more on these activities, ou can come from headquarters, to our address located on the street grid, 3 (Carmen Viejo), a few meters from the Market Square or by calling on schedule afternoon, 5 to 10 pm, phone 686 287 738.

Source: Ecologists in Action

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1 Reviews about IV Fair of Organic Products and Crafts at Sanlúcar
on 30/10/2014
The more I read these articles, the more I'm motivated to run to Spain and just visit all of these wonderful sounding places. It sounds like there's such a heavy influence of organic and sustainable production, and I would be very interested to truly see how available it all really is to the public. Here organic produce is twice as expensive.

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