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IV Murcia Food Quality Meeting

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IV Murcia Food Quality Meeting

41 companies in the region have been present in the room: 23 wineries, 4 cheese, 11 farming companies, five with the seal of quality mark, three producers of beef, two serrano ham, paprika and a regulatory body of the DO "Arroz de Calasparra"

Counselor of Agriculture and Water shared this morning at the Fourth Meeting of Food Quality, held at Hotel Villamagna Madrid, with 250 companies in the Murcia region among its products with a stamp distinctive quality differentiated. Integrated Production with 45 signatures and organic agriuclture, with 121, are those with the largest number of member enterprises. Food products from organic agriculture are quite varied, from fruit and vegetables, to pickles, preserves, nuts, wines, and grape juices, oil, pulp, eggs or bread. Companies active in the Integrated Production grown vegetables such as celery, broccoli, lettuce, tomato and cantaloupe melon or woody crops such as almonds, citrus, stone fruit, olives, pears and grapes.

The Denomination of Origin label includes also a no less than 74 companies in the Region of Murcia: 45 wineries, 10 dairies, which produce "Murcia Cheese" 10 producers of "Paprika of Murcia", two "Rice Calasparra" and seven "Pera de Jumilla".

In addition, five mills and a cheese factory, which produces cheese, almonds, have the logo "Food Quality Control Region of Murcia," while two producers of Serrano ham which have the distinctive Traditional Specialty Guaranteed (TSG) and two signatures are beefing Mandatory Labeling of Beef, which ensures traceability at all stages through which the meat has gone from farm to point of sale.

The counselor also noted in this meeting, the 42 companies who have come from the Region of Murcia, which are currently pending the achievement of Appellations of Origin of the "Grape Dominga" from Sierra Espuna area, and the "Peach of Cieza," and the Protected Geographical Indication of "Melon de Torre Pacheco."

The meeting is a quote from the agri-food in the region of Murcia with the hospitality industry, food distribution companies, professional and trade press in which it also is used to present the latest wines produced under some Appellations of Origin of the Region. In this sense, Cerdá explained that the 2005 “vintage has been very good, although marked by heat, which caused an advance of the harvest but the resulting wines have a good balance between sugar and acidity, with very good aromatic expression and concentrated, while round and soft on the palate with an exceptional organoleptic quality and health. "

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