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Intuitive Dance to encourage self-expression

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Intuitive Dance to encourage self-expression

One objective of bioenergetics is to promote individual self-expression, enhancing the ability to communicate, transmit and move with spontaneity, grace and awareness. The body is a place where energy flows every moment, the force and power of this energy flow is determined by many factors, but we can summarize that its animosity much depends on the feeling that is injected at this energy. The body is a sponge receptive of our emotional states, is the antenna that receives and transmits skin chord movements to the feelings in the circle, so what we feel it strongly influences the rhythm, cadence, speed and grace of our movements in the body.

The power of feeling is the life of the body, however, the flow often cannot flow in the most optimal way, there are many things that might hinder it, and that can cause, among other things, an imbalance or blockage in the movements the body. Many of these obstacles are created by tensions in the body which do not find a way to be released, often generated and accumulated time ago, tensions that not only severely erode the body but do not allow a spontaneous and harmonious body expression.

A body tension happens mostly happens when the individual is in a state of resistance which makes stay on constant alert and defensive, often reacts with emotions such as anxiety, despair, anger, fear, frustration, etc., before the various experiences that happen, feelings that result from the interpretation given to their experiences.

When this strain energy is released, the body rests and energy of life flows and flows freely. However, when energy accumulates and cannot be released, will remain in the body like grains of sand of energy and gradually self-expression is difficult in soul-body, the body is losing its mind, its mobility and spontaneity to transmit and communicate, it becomes increasingly stiff, mechanical, cold and uninviting, and likewise the person feels emotionally, which costs the emotional expression.

Art, dance and movement

There are many ways to release what causes tension and hinder this fundamental energy of life, between these alternatives include bioenergetics, Reiki, reflexology, yoga, massage and many more release techniques and energy circulation. Another alternative is the art, which is a very useful tool also to start moving even more entrenched power and "cool" in the body. Through art one can gradually connect with the feelings, whether painter, sculptor, writer or any artist, in the exercise of wanting to convey something from the book, one begins to relate to those feelings and let flow emotions that could not flow, then the energy begins to animate, it is allowed to escape from an aesthetic form and conducted, the artist begins to communicate as managed to contact work with the feelings of the heart.

However, among all the arts there is especially useful for the body to speed up and really put the energy into motion, and this is the dance. Dance is one of the more powerful energy release techniques, and not referring to professional dance, but the free dance or intuitive, that requires no specific knowledge or understanding of a professional but free and genuine movement.

The intuitive dance does not require a certain movement or struggle to achieve aesthetics and harmony in the movements, because this is dance that one simply tries to move to the beat of some music, drum, or applause as one is born, the expression of movement must be sincere, genuine and consistent with what is felt inwardly, so that the individual can indulge the body.

There are some places where this type of dance is practiced in groups, it is a very useful exercise for the development of personality and character, helps greatly in overcoming inhibitions, wizened body and strength of mind-body movements that keep it mechanical and inharmonious and emotionally stagnant.

This type of dance has the great advantage of being done at home and on an individual because it requires no specific technical guidance, just to put some music that inspires you and let your body move to where it pleases, just trying to let go by your body rhythms that inspire it, without trying to restrain it, leaving it little by little loose. This is great exercise will help you not only stay in good shape, but will help you to circulate something that could be clogging your free flow of energy. This dance is especially attractive to children, you can invite them to dance, play music and allow them to move while you put the example even allowing to climb up on chairs and do tricks, it helps them release their small tensions and inspires great confidence in their movements.

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2 Reviews about Intuitive Dance to encourage self-expression
on 29/04/2015
What a great article!! I actually have experienced something personally that is very similar to what this article explains. When I was living abroad I was 21 years old. Prior to that time I was very reserved in dance expression. Socially I was a very outgoing person, but always felt shy to dance and move. When I moved to Argentina, I started dancing Tango and also dancing at night clubs for fun. The freedom of movement and expression liberated me in ways I haven't felt since those times. I miss that!
on 01/06/2013
I would love that I have learned this from my parents, but they made me dance like a crazy child so now I think that this could be the reason of my lack of rhythm, well dancing is a lot of fun, I like to dance but alone in my room, and it is so true that is relaxing and distressing for the whole body and mind

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