International Symposium on Mycologycal Resources and Land Development Internationales Symposium über Micologycal Resources und Raumentwicklung Simposio Internacional sobre Recursos Micológicos y Desarrollo Territorial

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International Symposium on Mycologycal Resources and Land Development

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International Symposium on Mycologycal Resources and Land Development

Natural resources are at present a socio-economic key for transformation of many rural areas. Complex factors behind this new situation that breaks with the historical marginalization and low potential: the need to start generating more productive factors from increasingly diverse activities of economies, the new conceptions of local development, linked to environmental sustainability, as well as detected profound changes in the demands of urban societies. Mycological resources fit perfectly on these assumptions:

This is a natural resource located in different ecosystems, traditionally collected but low socio-economic impact and at present the market substantially increased.

It can be part of a new rural economy if we are able to regulate its use, to transform it into finished or semi-finished products and to link it to new activities. It can contribute, if projected properly to society, to define a new environmental culture and a greater appreciation and respect for nature.

This symposium aims to address the meaning of mycological resources in rural development and its environmental consideration, integrating research, the business world, both public and private property and society in general. From an interdisciplinary perspective, we intend to discuss the need to manage and regulate the collection, the only way to ensure sustainability of the resource; organizing marketing , essential for the required quality and security, in addition to contributing to increased profitability in the territories that hold resources; encouraging local entrepreneurship, key in generating jobs and wealth and finally boosting activities, undisputed protagonists of the local socio-economic change, being tourism the most significant.

Diverse experiences will be discussed, highlighting the results of the ' Mycology and Quality ' project, developed in fifteen territories of the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León. Pioneer in the enhancement of mycological and reference resources for achievement in our state territory.


  • Analyzing the situation of exploitation of wild mushrooms at national and international level.
  • Determining the environmental and socio-economic value of fungi and their relation to territorial development from an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • Analyzing whatever actions can to ensure the sustainability of the resource and add value in the territories.
  • Promoting the structuring of the various agents associated with mycological resources.
  • Presenting results of the proposed inter-territorial cooperation 'Mycology and Quality'.

Source: Profor C and L

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