International Seminar of Fresh Food and Organic Agriculture Internationales Seminar für frische Lebensmittel und Ökologischen Landbau Seminario Internacional Alimentos Frescos y Agricultura Ecológica

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International Seminar of Fresh Food and Organic Agriculture

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International Seminar of Fresh Food and Organic Agriculture

Aimed at companies and SMEs in the agri-food industries, agricultural cooperatives and operators of farming.

Those interested should register before the October 16th, 2007, and can get all the information and the registration form on the website of the Ministry: .

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA), through the Directorate General of Agricultural and Food Industry, is organizing the second edition of the International Seminar on commercial distribution of fresh food and organic agriculture to be held in London from 29th to October 31st.

The seminar is aimed at small businesses and of Spanish agroindustry, agricultural cooperatives, and operators of farming within the Advanced Training Program for Managers of food businesses.

In this edition, we will visit the leaders showing the current distribution in London UK, with particular attention to developments in the supply of fresh produce, the increasing power of supply and eco-innovation that has generated most prominent British distribution in recent times. This has scheduled visits to the outlets to teach as Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda, Somerfield, Waitrose or Marks & Spencer, among others.

In shops, we will have visits undertaken with a manager who is responsible for providing the group an overview of key economic data in the store and company, as well as an explanation of its business strategy, its customer care, marketing instruments used, the influence of competition and the considerations of human resource management.

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has commissioned AECOC (Spanish Association of Business Consolidation) organized this seminar to perform consulting services, translation, displacement and documentation. The organization does not cover the costs of aircraft, or lodging of the attendees.

Those interested in attending the workshop should send the day before October 16th, 2007 formalizing the booking for registration. Given the limited number of places of the seminar, there will be a coordination and steering committee that will select the participants.

Program and the registration form are available on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food: 

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1 Reviews about International Seminar of Fresh Food and Organic Agriculture
on 22/10/2014
Wow. This sounds great. I am all about organic produce, and I just absolutely LOVE open air markets. I wonder though...there seems to be a lot of emphasis on organic produce, and I believe that eating wild game also is a valuable part of a healthy diet (fish included). Is hunting pretty much "free range" in Spain as well? How do people get their meat?

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