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International Institute of Shiatsu

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International Institute of Shiatsu

The International Institute of Shiatsu was founded in 1988 by Professor James Bort Anducas. It is located on C / Verdi, 108 Bajos, Barcelona. The Institute includes the Center for Health Kenko-Do , where you can learn specific and different courses.

Its creator was formed in the best schools in Switzerland, USA and London, among its teachers Shiatsu include: W. Ohashi Saul Goodman S. Yamamoto, Paul Lundberg .Practitioner is registered as a of shiatsu the British Shiatsu Society and has been devoted to the study and practice of Oriental Medicine since 1980. His concerns led him to introduce into Spain in 1988 the formation of shiatsu, Zen Massunaga online.

His contribution to the world of shiatsu , not only has been in the field of education has also created the Kenko-Do the health center, where thanks to the research and experience, more people can see the benefits of shiatsu, oriental medicine and natural techniques.

Health Center Kenko-Do

The health center Kenko-Do is focused on the healing of patients' health. The organization has a great team of professionals dedicated to Ki-Shiatsu ® china traditional medicine and natural therapies. The method is unique and customized. Valuations are performed for each patient to determine the appropriate treatment to follow, directing it at any time to improve their physical, emotional and mental. At the Center you can also practice several activities in addition to treatment.

Treatments and Activities

  • Structural Therapies
  • Shiatsu -ki Method
  • Massages
  • Tai-Chi
  • Chi Kung
  • Yoga Do
  • Makko-in-ho
  • Body Awareness
  • Belly dancing
  • Natural Therapies
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine


  • Makko-Do-In-ho, meridian stretching auto massage
  • Shiatsu -ki
  • Qi Gong
  • Reflexology
  • Tai-xi
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Craniosacral Therapy


Regarding its methodology , the International Institute of Shiatsu follows the formation of Shiatsu , Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology approved by the new Decree 31/2007 of the IES Catalan with the implementation of the didactic method of Shiatsu teaching.

School provides a personalized way, it is important personal aspect of the students to acquire a mature therapy. It has a flexible schedule: you can choose to undertake training in the morning, afternoon or weekend. For the evaluation tests are conducted quarterly and a custom continuous assessment. Once it is possible to update the training, with courses and seminars to broaden knowledge. It can also be part of the job of the International Institute of Shiatsu. In practices, you can attend the various events that the Institute convenes each year to perform. Or at the therapeutic Kenko-Do (the end of the course will determine the hours and days of practice)



Discipline of Eastern tradition involved through contacts and pressures of different intensities in all parts of the body to assess and stimulate the flow and distribution of Ki, life energy, to bring the receiver to a better balance . Also evaluated by observing the response to the contact position, the pulse, tongue, body and analysis of Hara, belly area.

Diploma to be awarded after the course, all students who attended 80% of the classes and at least passed the final assessment.

In this course the therapist of manual therapy (Chiromassage, beautician, physiotherapist) is introduced into the world Ki-Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to provide the knowledge acquired to their profession.


The techniques of reflex maneuvers are based on local pressure or friction palpation in specific areas, especially hands or feet, to influence distally on organs, glands, joints and different systems with the aim of enhancing health. These disciplines help to stimulate the functions of the body and help prevent illness, restore health and increase the capacity for regeneration.

Lymphatic Drainage:

This method of application of rhythmic and sequential manual movements that mobilize the user's skin by stimulating the physiological self-massage of tissue, enhancing and promoting lymphatic fluid.

Courses and Workshops

1.    Shiatsu -ki ® manuals for therapists Introductory

2.    Shiatsu -ki ® Postgraduate Course

3.    Shiatsu-ki ® Shiatsu-Seiki

4.    Paul Lundberg

5.    Health Sciences Common Block

6.    Auriculotherapy Astrology

7.    East: the Ki of 9 stars

8.    SOTAI: Postural Reeducation Japanese Makko

9.    Do-Ho-In

10.  Digitpuncture practice

11.  Women in Traditional Chinese Medicine

12.  Qi Gong Seminars

Shiatsu Institute
C / Verdi, 108 Netherlands - 08023 - Barcelona

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2 Reviews about International Institute of Shiatsu
on 02/07/2015
Wonderful information, and a very fun read for the afternoon. I love learning more about alternate therapies like this, and it's great to see that there's so much emphasis now being placed on getting the word out there. Keep it up!!
on 29/08/2013
I would love to learn to perform therapies related to the yoga and moving energy with reiki therapies, that sounds pretty amazing and I would ove doing that! But I do not live in Spain so that is a problem against me, I hope to find a school near my home but I have not seen one

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