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Institute of Alternative Medicine

Institute of Alternative Medicine is a medical center authorized by the Community of Madrid in which we use the main techniques and therapies for Natural Medicine. At the Institute we try to combine all the good things of conventional medicine with the greatest benefits of Natural Medicine. Our treatments are always based on those products or techniques that can provide a benefit to the patient but no side effects to your body.

Institute of Alternative Medicine met 10 years in 2003 and since the beginning of our journey so far, we have always maintained our goal offering the patient a serious, effective and non-aggressive Natural Medicine.

Fortunately, there are more and more people who know these techniques and therapies which are close to them when they encounter a health problem, we are convinced of its high efficiency and very happy that many patients have trusted us.

From the Institute of Alternative Medicine of the health care we are always very close to nature.

Area of General Medicine

General medicine: Consultations of any disease where the doctor advise the patient the best treatment or therapy, either conventional or natural

Diet-obesity: Personalized Diets and under strict medical supervision, tailored to the patient's life, their tastes and their activity

Area of Natural Beauty

Facial treatment: Skin cleansing with natural non-aggressive products

Diathermy: Get light at the same time prevents the sagging.

Anti-wrinkles facial treatment: Combining massage and facial mesotherapy.

Area of Alternative Therapies

Homeopathy: therapeutic method by which the patient takes drugs that a healthy man produces in ponderable quantities, it causes symptoms similar to those that need to be cured. Aid in the prevention and treatment of many disorders or developing biochemical, organic, emotional and psychological. Attempting to implement in our body the healing forces to restore the state of health. Treatments for the digestive, respiratory, genitourinary, cardiovascular, bone, muscle, skin, nervous, immune, and others. Its claim is not cure the disease but to stimulate healing of the sick.

Acupuncture: therapeutic method that is part of the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It is an alternative medicine technique used for its ability to restore balance to the vital energy system of a living organism. It is used as a therapeutic tool by needles at strategic points throughout the body.

Mesotherapy: is a technique that involves treating affected areas with microinjections of drugs in medicine, homeopathy, vitamins,.. Therefore it is a medical procedure that complements the usual clinical treatment, such as: cellulite, varicose veins, saggy, arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatism, lumbago...

Pressure: technique based on the realization of pressure on different parts of the body to correct abnormalities of the circulatory system. It is performed with the patient wearing sophisticated pants and acts on the body by issuing various pressure waves. The areas to be treated will suffer alternating compressions that trigger the movement.

Naturopathy Area

Naturopathy: Naturopathy is a system of medicine which uses natural products. You can also say that Naturopathy is a technique based on the likelihood that the body has to heal itself.
Naturopathy advocates that the body tends toward health and that the best cure for the body is the homeostatic capacity it has. If the body is affected by factors such as inadequate diet, lack of sleep, exercise or fresh air, physical or emotional stress, environmental pollution, or negative emotions, there are imbalances that adversely affect the self and the immune ability suffers, it is exposed to external aggressions, such as viruses and bacteria. The naturopaths suggest that infections rarely occur in a well-kept body, and if the disease occurs, it should allow it to manifest symptoms before repress them, because it is the way that the body defends to regain balance and health.

Iridology: The Iridology is the science that reveals pathological (abnormal) and functional imbalances in the human body by means of stains, lines and discolorations in the colored portion of the eye called iris. While Iridology does not indicate a disease, however, shows a way to correct the problem, rather than suppress the symptom, because the iris is the screen where you record everything that happens in the body (except for surgery performed under anesthesia). It determines the various stages of organic disease (acute, chronic and degenerative), through their corresponding areas in the iris. Also revealed deposits of drugs, and hereditary weaknesses inherent and unhealthy habits. Knowing our weaknesses can prevent future problems.

Kinesiology: (science of movement) system that uses muscle testing as a mechanism of bio-communication, and seeks to correct any imbalances that since its inception and has taken into account the overall body-mind. In kinesiology muscle is assessed to see the stress level, conscious or unconscious-that is stored.

Manual therapy area

MLD: therapeutic technique of gentle and painless massage which aims to treat disturbances of the lymphatic system. Therefore, the MLD is to get healthy lymph territories and dispose excess fluid accumulated in the areas of edema through subtle manipulation.

Osteopathy: Osteopathy is a technique that seeks to restore balance to the musculo-skeletal system, organs, fascia and bone of the skull. Osteopathy seeks to restore the freedom of movement to any part of the body and covers it broadly, looking for where the primary lesion to balance the whole.

Chiromassage: set of techniques to alleviate muscle aches, either tension-type of energy blockage or lack of tone. Also used as a complementary and effective contribution in the implementation of other therapies (Acupuncture, Homeopathy ...). When working on muscle tension, it helps to unblock energy lines (acupuncture meridians) and joints, improving the drainage of fluid (lymph, blood) and optimizing the functioning of organs. Not forgetting, of course, the balancing effect (relaxing or invigorating)

Neuroestructural Integration Technique: This is essentially a soft tissue therapy designed to release muscles and applied in ways that are safe for all ages, from newborns to the elderly. Often called integrated healing, since its main objective is to re-structure the body as a whole. That is why there is no contraindication in it, mostly to make the technique is useful for a wide variety of conditions ranging from acute pain to chronic disorders.

Foot Reflexology: The part of the idea that in the foot, schematically, the whole body and its organs are represented. Through the massage of specific areas of influence is reflected in the corresponding internal organs. Enables the patient to make maximum use of their resources to balance your body and your energy to flow more smoothly through the same. In short, it is improving the physiological functioning of all organs and body systems, as this massage activates blood circulation, promotes the unblocking of nerve impulses, producing energy and relieves stress and tension.

Cranio-sacral therapy: is a manual technique to help detect and correct imbalances in the Cranio-Sacral system that can cause intellectual dysfunction, motor or sensory. It has its origins at the end of last century in osteopathy by Dr. Sutherland and his subsequent scientific development. Since the skull bone to the sacrum, a mobility that flows rhythmically and, unlike the other patterns, can be assessed and corrected through palpation. Any malfunction or blockage, either by shock, stress emotional or physical, is going to affect this system and other body systems that are relevant.
The method applies various techniques or scientifically developed over the years, using the bones of the skull, neck, of the vertebrae, the base of the spine and soft tissue as a means to evaluate, release and balance the system.

Equipment: The use of lasers and other devices such as diathermy, ultrasound... excellent additions to most manual techniques (osteopathy, Chiromassage ,...) aesthetics and techniques to achieve the best outcome for each patient

Area of Emotional Psychology and Therapy

Psychology: conventional treatments aimed at resolving all kinds of emotional conflicts

Energy therapies: The fundamental feature that unifies the various energy therapies is that the therapist is always looking for, interpret and apply what is the purpose of evolution associated with each patient and their particular situation, being patient and therapist an indivisible unit that grows along

Flower therapy: The flower essence is a subtle energy field, maintained in water-alcohol, it is also correct to use the name "floral elixir" instead of substance, that placed in the subtle energy field of another living being acts vibrational resonance, alignment.

Metamorphic: The technique is a simple proposal for the own healing and creative growth. In nature, we are constantly expressing a transformation from seed to plant, from worm to butterfly, from the sperm and egg to human. Two conditions are necessary: a good environment and energy. As land is a catalyst for the seed, the practitioner of metamorphosis, works as a catalyst together with the patient, and energy and vital power within itself, is performing the work of transformation, of metamorphosis,

Crystal therapy: The Crystals are the ultimate expression of the Mineral Kingdom. In a crystal, all molecules vibrate at the same frequency and they are vibrating in perfect harmony with the pulse of the universe. It is through their molecular perfection inspire us to develop in us, that property they possess: Unprocessed reflect light. The primary goal of therapy with a crystal is clearing, balancing and harmonizing the aura and its various bodies. When the crystals are approaching our Electro-Magnetic Field, their shapes and colors act as true catalysts of subtle energy, allowing them to be integrated into the Aura, a greater amount of Light and Color

N.L.P. (Neurolinguistic Programming): Neurolinguistic Programming is a set of techniques and processes that help the human being to know how the mind is. Concerns when we think and the effect of our thinking about our behavior and the behavior of others. It shows how we can think better, and thus achieve more. Ultimately the role of NLP is to teach you to communicate more effectively both internally and externally.

Reiki: The word Reiki is a Japanese word that refers to the "universal energy" to the force of life that emerges. The essence of Reiki is love, that divine vibration delivers joy, peace and life and that covers everything. Reiki opens you to the love, energy healer par excellence, and leads you to it.
Reiki has been defined as energy similar to radio waves, could be applied effectively in direct contact or remotely. Energy is a harmless, without side effects, is practical, safe, efficient and compatible with any other therapy.

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1 Reviews about Institute of Alternative Medicine
on 26/10/2015
What a great institute, it sounds like they're really covering a wide spectrum of different types of healing modalities, I would really like to attend some classes myself! Here in the States there aren't that many options for learning the art of alternative medicine.

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