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Institute for Natural and Biological Medicine

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Institute for Natural and Biological Medicine

Today, given the distortion of modern life and the invasion who have risk factors for loss of health, the prevention of degenerative diseases, anti-aging treatment effective and improved quality of life have become a priority need. Currently the life expectancy of a citizen of the Western world is long, but full of incidents at the level of health. It is increasingly necessary to take measures to regain the lost vitality and health, and preventing physical and mental deterioration. Measures which are not aggressive, with no side effects. Effective natural measures harmonize us globally. After several years of clinical success surprising, since the consultation led by Dr. Jorge Calvo Perez-Soler, we introduce a set of natural treatments and biological synthesis of the best of the world's biological therapy.

Biography of Dr. Jorge Perez-Soler Calvo

Jorge Perez-Soler Calvo is a doctor from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, trained at the Hospital Vall d'Hebron. Since then spent nearly 30 years researching and successfully practicing now called "Integrative Medicine", combining the very latest in modern medicine with traditional medical knowledge to understand and cure the diseases of our time.

For 20 years, he regularly teaches classes and seminars for both professionals and neophytes, both on health topics such as on different fields of knowledge relating to health and wellness.

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1 Reviews about Institute for Natural and Biological Medicine
on 02/02/2014
I have checked the website but still I have many question, I ca understand a bit Spanish but not also maybe you could give more information in English about the discovering of this doctor or what because I cannot find more information or I am not using the right words

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