Inner beauty to the maximum for the holidays Innere Schönheit an den Feiern Belleza interior al máximo para estas fiestas

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Inner beauty to the maximum for the holidays

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Inner beauty to the maximum for the holidays

Here we give some very practical tips to ensure that during these parties (and always) you do not forget one of most extraordinary beauty yourself. In reality, the makeup, clothing, perfume and accessories are fun gadgets with which we play and trick to look good. Over this short article will focus on what really makes us beautiful, unique, fun, nice and original: inner beauty. So if you're planning a reunion, or party, and you want to feel really beautiful, with a spirit of fun and very spontaneous, here is the secret.

How you feel, how you look

First, you must consider how the way you feel and the attitude are perceived by all those around you. For example: if you have a mind fatigued, tired, angry, and you go to a party, it is necessary to try to bring out your emotions before, because somehow you cannot enjoy if you feel a indisposed attitude. Don't go with a weak mind because, although you forget your problem among the people, dancing and noise, when the party is over and calm, it will come back with more force. For this it is important that, before you leave, freely admit why you are angry, what made you feel sad, or causes your exhaustion. Just recognize what you already feel. After recognition, practice some breathing exercises, inhale as you do normally, and removing the air as much as you can (by contracting the abdomen). Perform the above for about five minutes slower and with your eyes closed. Breathing will relax and balance your emotions, you also charge energy. Each time you breathe, think and understand that: when you're living right now is most important. Your breath is always at the present. Therefore, feel the fresh air, inhale forgeting any feeling that makes you angry and exhale, imagine leaving everything you don't need and annoys you. You do not have to do anything complicated, or say anything special, the exercise intensitydepend on you.

Be fun! And do not worry of what they say

We say that we don't care, but most people are very concerned about what others will say. To maximize your fun side, you need to relax and be who you are. Some people use alcohol to feel in a very daring spirit and justify their spontaneous behavior. But you do not need to drink too much. In fact, one can achieve a really great spirit without a hint of alcohol. The point is that we are too controlled by a bunch of criteria which often deprive us of being spontaneous. Letting out a little bit is our Inner being is to let out the majority of our beauties. But the deeper problem that prevents us from being what we are is that we don't accept us. And as we do not accept our weaknesses and faults (in fact often we don't accept even our virtues and qualities) then we live in a rather false life because we are constantly seeking the approval of others, and this attitude does not allow us to have fun because our conduct is studied and false, which actually blocks any kind of joy. Forget about whether you'll like the people or not! Take advantage of these parties to feel more free with what you are, to accept your weaknesses and even laugh a little about your life. If one really wants, life can be an extremely fun place, you should make an effort to not take it so seriously. If you want to really enjoy these days, let yourself be and smile, because you know that a smiling person with a sense of humor is one of the most beautiful out there.

Being relaxed is being full of energy

Tension causes fatigue, distraction and exhaustion. And one cannot have fun or if you are tense . Make sure you are very relaxed to raise your attention to the maximum. Then we give you an excellent exercise for relaxation practice that you can do before going anywhere:

  • Raise your arms above your head with closed fists. Tense your arms and see them down slowly until they are at chest height. Then drop them and relax a few seconds. Repeat three times each.
  • Tense as much as you can your neck, your legs, your abdomen, your buttocks and back for a few seconds and then relax.
  • To take away the dark circles of fatigue: try to see the ceiling without lifting the head (and that hurts the eyes). Close and open your eyes slowly three times and then relax. This exercise is very beneficial for the eye movement.
  • And when someone gift, hug or smile you, do not forget to show and share happiness. So you have to keep your arms wide open to also receive increasingly greater benefits.

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2 Reviews about Inner beauty to the maximum for the holidays
on 23/02/2015
I know we're no where close to the next holiday season, but I do love reading articles about inner beauty and personal development. I'm getting married this July, and I've been spending a lot of time growing in ways of being more loving, especially unconditional loving, and this is definitely a creator of inner beauty.
on 23/12/2012
Hey guys nice article to help our ineer beings and heal mental pain. It's very important to have a nice attitude to enjoy the good things of life, including the diet, the beauty and even the love. If you feel grumpy al day, then you won't enjoy anything! You have to understand that we've only got one life and if we spend it on having bad attitudes then we actually did nothing in our life.

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