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Infusions with herbs to cure kidney

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Infusions with herbs to cure kidney

To heal and strengthen the kidneys, there is nothing better than a real cure through plants. Herbs offer not only a temporary healing, but help the body to stimulate its own healing ability, helping organs and systems to naturally recover their balance, strength and operation.

If you have kidney problems, such as pain, stones, inflammation, infections of the genitourinary system, etc., you can start with a real cure, taking into account a proper diet (no animal foods, spicy foods, salt, flour and refined sugars), an exercise routine and drinking various tea at certain times of day so your body can improve health.

Get to know your kidneys

The kidneys are responsible to purge blood filtering waste contained in the blood and expelling it. If the kidneys do not function properly, poor filtration of waste disposal can cause severe problems of the entire organism.

Herbs for Kidney

Dandelion tea

Considered one of the best home remedies for kidney because of its cleansing, diuretic and mild laxative properties, among other things. It serves as a bitter tonic to stimulate the secretion of organs involved in digestion and is used in cases of gallstones.

How do I use it?

Infusion: you need a small handful of dried root (about 50grms), and one-half cup of water. Boil water and add the root. Simmer 5 minutes more and turn off. Let stand a few minutes and strain. Drink immediately on an empty stomach, another cup 20 minutes after eating and again after dinner.

In cases of kidney stones, uric acid and infection

You have to follow a diet completely free of animal products, salt and refined. Drink 3 cups of tea a day and eat a piece of raw onion either alone or in salads. At breakfast, eat a cup of blueberries, and drink 2 liters of pure water during the day. The diet should be based on semi-cooked vegetables and vegetable broths.

Parsley infusion

It is an ideal remedy for the kidneys; it helps strengthen them, to prevent stones and heal infections.

How to prepare and use?

Put a tablespoon of fresh or dried parsley in a cup of boiling water. Simmer for 5 minutes and turn off. Let stand until it’s warm and drink 3 cups a day, fasting and the other with meals. You should follow the recommended diet to enhance and accelerate results.

Nettle Green

It contains many principles beneficial to the body and kidneys, like chlorophyll, unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin, vitamin B complex, serotonin, acetylcholine, essential fatty acids, mucilage, etc. This helps maintain well-functioning of kidney, nourishes and helps restore its functions.

How to prepare and use?

Put a spoonful of nettle. Let boil for 10 minutes and turn off, let stand 5 minutes more and strain. Drink one cup before breakfast on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or three days a week. Combine this with the dandelion 2 times daily, and follow the recommended diet.


It has diuretic properties and stimulates the kidneys, very effective in treating kidney stones or gallstones, urinary tract infections, swollen and in case of fluid retention.

How to use and prepare?

Add a tablespoon of the herb to a half cup of boiling water. Let boil 10 minutes and off. Let stand for 5 minutes, strain and drink on an empty stomach and 20 minutes after lunch and dinner.


As the name suggests, is ideal to help dissolve and expel kidney stones, plus it has diuretic properties and tonic the urinary bladder.

How to use and prepare?

Add one tablespoon of the herb in a cup and a half of water. Boil for 10 minutes and off, let stand until cool, strain and drink. Drink two or three cups a day, fasting and two twenty minutes after lunch or dinner. To eliminate kidney stones, it must be combined with suggested diet and eating as much crushed onion as you can.


It is advisable not to prolong the herbal treatments for more than one or two months. If you make any of these treatments, change the herbs every one to two months.

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2 Reviews about Infusions with herbs to cure kidney
on 02/09/2014
Perfect! Thank so much!! I got a kidney infection once and it was the worst illness I've ever had. I've had the flu before, but there's nothing more scary than the kidney infection, and the potential scarring it could cause on your organs. Thanks so much for your infusion recommendations, they're all so easy, I'm definitely goign to try try some!
on 14/12/2012
Our kidneys health is something that we often forget and that may cause a lot of problems in our entire body, so be must take care of them by eating diuretic foods with properties that avoid stones and other diseases. It?s important to avoid stress as it may cause a lot of internal problems even though you don?t notice.

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