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Information campaign on Organic Agriculture

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Information campaign on Organic Agriculture

Groups of rural development training for teachers in organic agriculture and livestock

Columela, The Cooperation Group, composed of associations of rural development in 10 regions of Andalusia and coordinated by the Association for Sustainable Development of the West Granadino, is conducting an information campaign on organic agriculture and livestock in areas rural areas, targeted at teachers and primary school, called Organic Agriculture Columela Plan. This initiative is supported by the Agriculture and Fisheries and Education.

This project aims to train over 200 teachers from schools in Andalusia on organic agriculture, so they can convey to their students the need to consider these practices an agricultural project for the future and a way to bet sustainable development of their environment, including its social, economic and environmental.

The training is practical and involves the use of school gardens in organic farm, organic food at all meals and workshops processing the vegetables. Furthermore, it has published an educational booklet on organic products, so it can serve as a manual interdisciplinary faculty in relation to the environment, safe and healthy, sustainable development of the districts, among others.

This campaign seeks to create a stable structure of teachers aware of organic agriculture and able to introduce this subject within the school curriculum. This initiative of the Cooperation Group of Columela also seeks to publicize the relationship between consumption of organic products and environmental stewardship, food security and sustainable rural development.

In principle, the estimates pointed to a number up to 230 teachers distributed to schools in Andalucía, but have exceeded all expectations and has doubled the number of registrations, which has led to a financial effort on the part of rural development partnerships to train all teachers who had asked to participate in this initiative.

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1 Reviews about Information campaign on Organic Agriculture
on 10/02/2014
I cannot understand why people do not try these options of teaching in other places of the world, would not be amazing? Having teachers that can answer about topics related to the organic agriculture and how to change the world from the childhood? that is the optimal education that we need

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