Influenza: Tips to prevent and eradicate Influenza: Tipps und Ernährung zur Vermeidung und Beseitigung Influenza: alimentación y consejos para prevenirla y erradicarla

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Influenza: Tips to prevent and eradicate

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Influenza: Tips to prevent and eradicate

Influenza (or swine flu) is a respiratory illness that has symptoms of a common cold. It is a contagious disease, although it is clear that only a body with an atmosphere suitable for the virus to invade, incubate and develop can be affected; a body that does not have the right conditions for a contagion cannot be infected, even if there is direct contact with infected people or even pigs.

As I have said on other occasions, if in closed mouth, flies do not fall, into a clean, strong and enthusiastic body, there is not any condition. Therefore, if you take preventive measures like washing your hands and avoid infected people, we should also take deep preventive measures such as achieving a clean and strong atmosphere, so the virus does not find the appropriate place to propagate. If everyone had a really healthy body in every sense, the virus would weaken because of the lack of conditions where survival.

Clean intestines and adequate nutrition

You could say that virtually all diseases begin in a dirty bowel. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a clean bowel, especially when there are outbreaks which announced that the bodies are weak and are more prone to disease, because the main motivating intestines are a suitable environment for that to happen. In an epidemic of influenza, is not simply about being afraid, washing your hands or covering your mouth with a mask. You should go to the cause and effect, a cleansing diet, thus strengthening the body's own defenses.

The diet to be followed in such cases must be very slight, i.e., try:

Consuming lots of vegetables and fruits, many citrus fruits (which are water treatment plants) and avoid to the maximum consumption of red meat, saturated fats, fried sausage and products of animal origin, dairy products and, above all, put aside the white sugar all products containing it, sodas, cookies, refined breads, etc.. Saying that one can continue consuming pork, for example, because the meat at a certain temperature cooking destroys the virus, is a wrong health guide. Red meat should not be consumed because it is high in saturated fat, and this does not help to cleanse the body in any sense but it makes the intestines remain "stuck" and that the body becomes much more vulnerable to contagion.

If you are an infected, there is no doubt that you must start a cleansing diet. There are many cleansing diets, the diets of syrup or lemon usually are very effective, but also the diet of grapes or the oranges are recommended. Such diets are not only prevention of influenza but any other condition.

Include in the diet depurative food par excellence: garlic, lemon, orange, onions, aloe, the cactus, grapes, syrup, plum, fresh sprouts.

Use antibiotics and natural remedies: which helps strengthen the body's own defenses. Remedies of pharmacy (syrups, injections, pills, etc.) attack only the symptom but do not help to eradicate the disease. Natural antibiotics such as garlic, lemon, propolis, pollen, onion, etc. are great for the body to help promote their self.


In an outbreak, people usually often take the measure of suspension of certain activities to promote non-contagious among society. However, one of the deeper causes of this rest is not just putting people in isolation, but to promote a break in every way. Stress, anxiety and emotions are a constant frustration of the most common conditions that weaken the immune system. A break should not only serve but to remain isolated for people to consider, besides the food being carried out, its way of life. The rest should be carried out not only on food consumption at this time, but it is recommended to take in consideration the emotions that are being generated in daily life. Life sometimes does not allow noting or digesting certain things and situations that make us feel angry, upset or dissatisfied. The emotions of excitement, joy and satisfaction will certainly encourage the immune system to be strengthened in every way.

Common symptoms of this condition: Headache, runny nose, dry cough, malaise.

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1 Reviews about Influenza: Tips to prevent and eradicate
on 28/05/2015
It's the strangest thing, but two of my neighbors have gotten the flu, which then turned into pneumonia, and it's the middle of may!! We've had so much good weather, it's such a strange time for people to be getting sick wit hthe flu.

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