Infallible teas and their secrets for weight loss Tees zum Abnehmen und ihre Geheimnisse Tés infalibles y sus secretos para bajar de peso

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Infallible teas and their secrets for weight loss

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Infallible teas and their secrets for weight loss

There are many methods to lose weight, and herbal teas are one of the best options due to the varied and effective properties that they give us to look and feel great.

Although it is said that no remedy is quite miraculous, we can say that the more we want something to happen in our life; we are inciting and inviting it to make this happen. If we want to lose weight, herbs can be the best ally of our will and help us quickly and easily to make our bodies healthy, slim and very attractive.

The following are the most appropriate tea for weight loss. Very few have contraindications, but it is good that you check very well which herbs you will choose to lose weight and check if it has no detrimental effects.

Before you begin, consider that:

  • There is no need to use a single herb while you lose weight. You can change from time to time, for example, if you choose green tea, you can use it for a week and then switch to horehound or another which has properties that may be more appropriate for you. The important thing is to keep a certain routine and drink twenty minutes after eating.
  • Use the herbs with confidence because if you follow the instructions, you won’t have any problems.
  • If you want to accentuate or accelerate results, combine teas with a diet avoiding sugar, white flour, refined, junk and fried food. Why is it important to stop eating these foods in the diet? Because, if you take the tea and keep eating this food, the properties will focus on eliminating what you eat and won’t remove the excess toxins and stored fat in your body.
  • Does tea serve without dieting? Absolutely, if you take the tea and do not diet, you will be burning and purifying your body of harmful substances and stored fat, but the process is much slower and perhaps you will despair because you don’t seem to lose weight. The tea will always act, but if the body is full of toxins, undoubtedly it will need some help with the diet.
  • One of the great secrets of teas for weight loss is that you take them before breakfast and warm, some with the juice of a squeezed lemon to enhance its cleansing effect, unsweetened. You need to take fasting, because during the night, the body is responsible for collecting and accumulating toxins in the gut. If you take the tea while fasting, it helps us to dispose these toxins and harmful fats, and prevents re-absorption.
  • If after drinking tea you do a routine of high-impact exercise, like 10 or 15 minutes, you will help properties maximize tea and to burn fat faster.
  • Generally, take two or three cups of tea a day. Never exaggerate; you should try to drink at least 2 liters of water a day plus tea cups, so that helps remove hard fat in your body.

List of teas for weight loss:

Horsetail infusion: cleansing diuretic properties, ideal to take twenty minutes after lunch or dinner, unsweetened. Use two tablespoons of herb per liter of water. Boil for a minute or two and off. Let stand 5 minutes and strain. Drink one or two cups a day.

Horehound Infusion: anti-inflammatory and slimming properties. Dissolve one teaspoon of horehound in a half cup of water and boil 5 minutes. Turn off and let stand until warm up. Strain and drink two cups a day.

Infusion of hyssop: a reducer par excellence. You can take as a tea or tincture drops. It helps burn body fat quickly, as the body gets rid of toxins and accumulated. Prepare as directed and drink 3 cups a day. Three times a week, prepare this tea while fasting and drink it warm with a squeezed lemon juice.

Bladderwrack infusion: a potent tea to help you lose weight. It not only will help to combat overweight but acts against obesity hypothyroidism. It should be prepared as explained before and drink three cups a day.

Citrus Infusion (grapefruit, orange or lemon): if you get hungry during the day, nothing better than a cup of grapefruit tea. Add fresh grapefruit juice in a cup of hot water and drunk immediately, unsweetened, with nothing. Do this if you get hungry or half an hour before eating. This fruit will help to reduce appetite and burn fat. It is a very effective remedy before breakfast. Drink daily and do not eat anything during forty minutes. You will be surprised of the results. On the other hand, if you want to burn fat quickly, orange contains inositol, a factor which helps to eliminate the fat quickly. You can drink the fresh juice fasting and don’t eating anything all morning but orange juice. This will help you burn fat fast.

Infusion of lemon: it is prepared by adding the juice of a lemon to a cup of warm tea. Drink fasting and do not eat anything until half an hour. This is an excellent remedy for losing weight. Drink this tea fasting and twenty minutes after eating. In addition to helping you burn fat quickly, it cleans blood and guts, skin, liver, strengthens your vision, increases your defenses and strengthens all your bodies. Take it until you see results.

Infusion of green tea: this tea is one of the best for weight loss; it is very efficient in detoxifying the body to release fat. The best way to take it is before breakfast, with a squeezed lemon juice to enhance and accelerate results. Drink one cup before breakfast and another two when you have finished lunch and dinner. In the last two cups there is no need to add lemon.

Burdock infusion: diuretic and cleansing properties, assists in weight loss diets and, in turn, helps the skin to be healthy and beautiful, because of its great capacity to eliminate toxins from the blood that affect the skin. Drink two or three cups a day preparing the infusion with 2 tablespoons of herb per liter of water.

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3 Reviews about Infallible teas and their secrets for weight loss
on 04/09/2014
I totally agree that using teas and diet for staying healthy while losing weight. It's so great that you guys write these supportive articles for natural ways to help weight loss. I always feel like exercise is something that should be emphasized in these types of articles as well though, because while teas a great, weight loss is more than just a change in diet. But good information!
on 01/06/2014
thanks for the recommendations, which one do you prefer?
on 24/01/2013
I think it?s very important to note that the article says that you need to combine the teas with exercise and another changes in the lifestyle. It?s true that some people think that these remedies can be miraculous but if they don?t stop doing what they make them sick, then they won?t see results.

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