The Spanish Organic surface increases Die Spanische organische Landwirtschaftsfläche wächst Aumenta la superficie ecológica española

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The Spanish Organic surface increases

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The Spanish Organic surface increases

At present, Spain is the second country in the European Union with Eco-surface after Italy.

It is that in recent years, organic agriculture and livestock have been specifically inserted in the primary Spanish. For example, in agriculture during 2007 was spent 988,323 hectares of such crops, an increase of 6.7 per cent over 2006. Andalusia is the region with almost 60% of hectares, although Asturias is the one that has increased its surface in 2007. As for livestock, are again the Andalusians who head farm.

Furthermore, exports of organic products are also important in Spain: currently the Secretary of Rural State heads a delegation to Russia to boost exports of food products.

Grown organically

Speaking of organic crops, including wild collection areas, forests, pastures, grasslands and fodder, they stretch along more than 600,000 ha and occupy 62 per cent of the total. And as for crops themselves, are cereals and legumes that are in the lead with 120,000 ha, located, mostly in Andalusia, Aragon and Castilla-La Mancha.

At present, 3.6 percent of the organic olive grove is divided mainly between Andalusia and Extremadura. Followed by nuts, vines, medicinal and aromatic plants, fruit, citrus and banana, vegetables and tubers and seed crops, in that order.

The organic livestock

Although the development of organic livestock production continues to slow, there are communities where, in recent years, has been a successful development. This is the case of Andalusia, with 57 percent of the total holdings that exist in Spain.

Cattle meat heads the number of organic farms, followed by sheep meat, apiculture, the goat, the pigmeat, poultry meat, eggs, sheep milk and goat milk.

Green Consumption

Globally, the Germans who are spend more products made in the year -38 euros per inhabitant, followed by the British -28 euros. While the Spaniards spend just 5 euros per inhabitant per year in organic products. And is that in Spain the consumption of organic food and beverages ranges between 0.5 and 1 percent of total food and about 80 percent of what is produced is exported.

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1 Reviews about The Spanish Organic surface increases
on 17/10/2014
It sounds like Spain alreayd had a pretty good plot of land set out for organic distribution, and perhaps they're heading towards complete and total revolution and movement towards organic agriculture. How much of this land is distributed in the hands of small time farmers or family farms? That's where I truly want ot leave my money.

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