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Increase your buttocks and improve your hips

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Increase your buttocks and improve your hips

Many people are tirelessly seeking to look and feel beautiful without going under the knife, obviously. One of the most talked topics in the sports and beauty forums is the way to raise our buttocks and improve our hips. Although primarily we should respect the hereditary characteristics, it is always good to test with exercises to help us improve these aspects of our figures we do not like. So this article focuses on describing exercises that will help improve your buttocks and hips!


If you want to raise the tail, and show a splendid body, there are very good exercises to increase and strengthen the buttocks. These will help in a few weeks to strengthen this body part that worries both women and men.

Exercise 1, raise the buttocks: This is an ideal exercise to lift the tail, you can perform for 15 minutes every day, if you are consistent you will get excellent results.

  1. Stand on all fours.
  2. Raise left leg with knee bent.
  3. Hold this position.
  4. When you up your leg, inspire, when you go down exhale.
  5. Return to your starting position and repeat with right leg, perform 3 sets of 10 exercises.
  6. Then, in the same position, extend your left leg back and inspiring lift it up as high as possible, then lower it. Repeat 3 sets of 10 exercises.

Exercise 2, strengthen the buttocks: This exercise, increases and strengthens the buttocks and perfectly complements the previous one. If you want you can do both and get incredible results.

  1. Put yourself in profile with one leg forward and one backward.
  2. Put your hands on your waist.
  3. Bend both knees.
  4. Keep your back straight, break the waist, abdomen should be firm.
  5. Up and down 10 times, with each leg. Do three sets of 10.

Exercise 3, raise the tail: With these exercises to raise the tail, we are able to increase and strengthen the glutes quickly.

  1. Put yourself in position face down on a mat.
  2. Separate legs, like a "V", and put your arms close to body.
  3. Lift one leg, bending the knee.
  4. The leg should be flexed, not straight, to avoid injuries in the lower back.
  5. Finally, start over. Make three sets of 10 exercises.

Important: Perform these exercises slowly, to avoid injury.


The form of our hip is a major concern of women. Many have very little form, and is barely noticeable, and others, however, have that fat accumulation both uncomfortable. Anyway note that it is a unique feature of the female body.

This can reduce localized fat through specific exercises or located. Reducing or eliminating fat in the hips is a possible task. It is recommended for aerobic and cardiovascular work to increase your body temperature and prepare your whole body to work to stimulate localized and specific.

Exercise 1, cardiovascular work: a duration between 15 to 20 minutes at a moderate intensity, which can be:

  • Walking
  • Bike
  • Aerobics

Exercise 2, located work:

No. 1: hip muscle action

With the body lying on the ground on the right side, arm outstretched, head in position, bend right leg at 90 degrees to the chest, bend left outward at 90 degrees and in line with the bust, palm of your left hand resting in front of chest. Always maintain good posture, that the bust is perpendicular to the ground and especially do not arch your back.
Start with both legs together and raise your right leg to hip height, resulting in muscle contraction. Following the appropriate sets and reps, you must run the opposite leg.

No. 2: An action of the adductors (inner thighs)

Supine with arms along the sides, lifting one after the other leg bent at an angle of 90 degrees between the bust and thighs, feet and legs apart.
Muscle action starts opening and closing legs simultaneously. Caution during performance of the opening leg, make sure that your back is always fully supported the floor. Shoulders relaxed.

No. 3: Action with hip muscles (tensor fascia lata, gluteus)

Body extended on the left side, arm outstretched, head in position, right leg bent toward the chest, left extended, but not quite, out, the palm of your right hand resting on the floor in front of the chest.
Muscle action begins slightly raising your right leg to hip height and returning almost touching the ground. Avoid moving the pelvis forward; do not to alter the position of the back.

Please note: 

Series: number of times to be executed depending on your fitness.
Repetitions: the number of executions carried out in each series.
Recovery time: is the rest between sets.

Beginner: 1 set, 8 to 10 reps, 30 sec. rest.
Intermediate: 2 sets, 10 to 12 reps, 30 sec. rest.
Advanced: 2 sets, 15 to 20 reps, 30 sec. Rest

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3 Reviews about Increase your buttocks and improve your hips
on 08/01/2015
The best possible thing for improving shape and form in buttocks and hips is bar-none, cycling. I started cycling when I was a junior in college, and somehow, almost magically, justa few months later I started noticing the drastic change I was experiencing in my buttocks, legs and abs. Get your bike!!
on 13/04/2014
Honestly, I have a big butt, but it hasn't the shape I want... and that is because I'm not doing the right exercise, this routine sounds interesting though takes time to work, and I am a women with little time, which can complicate things even more.... but well... let's try and see what happens!
on 07/05/2013
This article is perfect just in time! I have noticed that I?m accumulating fat in the hips and this is an annoying problem, I?m going to put these exercises on practice starting from tomorrow in the morning. I hope to see results soon because I need to use a dress and it doesn?t fit me well

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