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Increase Your Attractiveness

Do you feel that people do not treat you like they should? Do not they take you into account? Are you surrounded by more things that you do not like than you like? Do you feel that you are not smart, good, beautiful, interesting enough, etc? Then it's time to take a walk inside yourself and identify those weaknesses in your character that don’t let you succeed.

The attraction is the force or special charisma that certain people have to attract things into their lives, people and experiences they want. When the attractive force of a person is low, you feel constantly under, desperate, trapped in conditions that you do not want and are constantly rejecting, of which feels the need to break free. The lack of attraction stems from insecurity, which is a lack of personal confidence, not believing in yourself, there is integrity between what we think, say and feel, it is lagging. The result is evident in a personality sparse, low luminosity.

Being unsure is something that we all do sometime, in fact, uncertainty is nothing to be afraid to be who we want to be. We all have a deep yearning to be and plan something great for others, but often this is not so easy, especially when the environment in which we grew up was not conducive to developing the personal trust, and instead made us lag behind and somewhat confused, believing that we had to be something special, and we needed to meet certain requirements to be complex.

When we feel that we are not important or of no value, then, without noticing, we project an "invisible" unattractive image, and although we have good hairstyles, makeup and clothes, people receive the mail that was sent from " unworthiness, "so we have attitudes of rejection or indifference. When we feel insecure, we react by taking many "fast" attitudes through which we can supply us with a little security. These attitudes include:

  • Obsessive concern about physical appearance
  • Anxiety for wanting to look good always
  • Saying things that you just do not feel or like
  • Concern for the "they'll say."
  • Feeling of being "less" than the others
  • It causes anxiety to stand before others
  • Obsession with money, as this "can do anything" if you have enough, money can instantly soothe and satisfy emotional deficiencies or limitations.
  • Wanting to draw attention trying to look "bright", great, because of the need for recognition.

All these attitudes are not, indeed, "good or bad", but are simply coping mechanisms to fall back when we do not know how to promote our security and believe in ourselves.

How to strengthen your personal trust?

Many times there is the luck of finding someone to help us to strengthen us and give us security, but we not always have this luck. However, growing is a process that often has great rewards when we face it alone, when we have the necessary tools. Here are some tips that will help you increase your attractiveness and increase the flow of things you really want into your life.

  • The main thing is that you become your best friend: many people come and go in our lives, but not everyone may stay when required. Being your best friend is to give the chief place in your life as a means of support and motivation. If one day you'll wake up feeling alone, or things do not go in the way you expect, always know you'll be by your side to give you encouragement and find new reasons to get where you want.
  • Do not criticize or judge, but watch yourself and learn from the consequences of your actions. If you see your mistakes as a means to gain knowledge, then you will feel more confident with yourself.
  • Nobody can feel safe in a threatening environment or where you feel ridiculous or insignificant. Therefore, no thoughts that make you feel that way, talk with affection and respect, feel amazed by the things that you've done and do not too push yourself too much.
  • Do not neglect your body, treat it with love offering good quality food and exercise. Your body is your introduction letter, you must feel very happy and proud about it. Dress with clothes that you are comfortable and appealing, make it look supple and strong.
  • Make the thing you like, even if those things do not seem important to others.
  • While you should not focus on what others think, it's always smart to see the reactions they provoke in others. So watch yourself very much.
  • Be nice and warm when you talk, smile at those who are in your path and walk straight and slowly. These small details send safety messages to others.

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2 Reviews about Increase Your Attractiveness
on 31/12/2014
One of the most attractive things an individual can ever do is just to live life with complete and wholesome zest and LOVE for life! Being completley, 110% focused on living life for enjoyment is what everyone wants, and seeing that in another rings on a very deep level with everyone. Finding individuals like these is like finding a needle in a haystack.
on 27/05/2013
I do not consider myself ugly nor handsome but when I was younger I had a lot of trouble accepting myself and that caused me a lot of problems with my classmates at school, well I blamed those people all the time but I ended up thinking that it was my fault on the first place, changing my attitude could help me a lot.

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