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Improve your life thinking positively

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Improve your life thinking positively

Positive thinking is nothing more than to see the "good side" of things, even those that are essentially "bad". A clear example can be an injury, pain in the human body has several functions, the protection, and learning, and we learn that fire is dangerous, after being burned, maybe we are not going to say that we are happy to have been injured, or burned, however, that experience is a learning something new, and therefore negativism is useful.

It's easy to fall into the negativity, it is always easier to see the bad things that happen to us, because unpleasant experiences are remembered without much effort, however if we learn to find a bright side to everything, we will be on your way to a healthier, successful and fruitful life.

Put an end to negativity

The feelings like anger, resentment, guilt, make us negative people, that only envy the lives of others and incapacitate us to see what we have and the good things that happen to us.

Leaving aside the negativity is not a simple task, especially when we have learned from others to always see the empty side of the glass. It is important to make a list of positive things like "I will triumph easily" "I will succeed" "I can do all possible" "I'll have a happy life," once you've listed all the good things you want to hear, read them aloud in front of the mirror, repeat them as often as necessary to become a reality for you.

Negativity also affects our health

Currently, studies have shown that people with negative thoughts tend to get sick more often and take longer to recover. Scientists explain that the immune system is weakened by the negativity of our thoughts.

A negative thought, also contributes to poor food choices, may even favor the development of cancer, premenstrual syndrome, candidiasis, mononucleosis and other infections and diseases that often occur when our immune system is not working optimally.

People with positive thoughts meanwhile, tend to get sick less and recover more quickly, and even the likelihood that a cancer patient improves, are higher if it is positive, and remains in good humor.


Stress is another great enemy of health, and this condition is aggravated if we have negative thoughts. While we all have "bad days", a negative mindset can worsen our experience at 100%. It is advisable to work on relaxation techniques, and methods to release stress, because stress that accumulates in our body is synonymous with disease.

Putting on a good face

There are many ways to release negative energy like crying, analysis, rabies, but certainly one of the most comforting is laughter. It wears us down and has unimaginable power.

When problems are ours, it’s hard to find the ironic side. Those people who say to themselves, "I do not know whether to laugh or mourn" is because they realize that the negative situation borders on the absurd, and in fact, can take laughter to see things positively.

Laughter helps us to turn a problem into something more harmless, and when we are relaxed, free from negative thoughts, we can make better decisions to solve the problem.

The next time that you are faced with a problem or a bad day, ask yourself:

Is not funny what happens to me?
What resembles this situation?
Can’t I laugh and just calm down?

Positive acts

What we give is what we receive, so positive thinking must also be a reflection of ourselves. Be kind to those around you, act well, positive, and try to encourage others. Being positive in adversity is a virtue, we all have the ability to do this, it is in us, and thus we are a guide for our lives to success and achieve our goals and desires.

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3 Reviews about Improve your life thinking positively
on 27/09/2014
I COMPLETELY agree with the powers of thinking positively. I have always - since I was a child - seemed to have more strength in positivity than others. I was always told as a child what a blessing that was, and it wasn't until I grew older, and went through those tumultuous early 20 years where your whole world seems to collapse for the first time, as you move into a new realm of consciousness. I lost that positivity for a few years, and I have since recovered it, and now truly know what it means to stay positive.
on 14/06/2014
I´ve learned that people are purified through painful experiences. Even though it´s not pleasant, it´s true that if people didn´t experience the hardship required in obtaining something, then nothing would be of value. In Buddhists´ terms, the human being needs to live within a middle path. So, for instance, someone who has overworked himself will eventually cause his body to fall sick. This is the way that his body forces him to rest so that he finds a middle ground. We should also consider that some opportunities present themselves as obstacles, but are really the answer to our prayers. We just need to get out of our comfort zone and reach out to the learning zone in which we strive to conquer new unknowns. Falling into negativity is a right that everyone has; it´s necessary so to recognize our limits; accept them and then decide to go for the objective. It´s okay to take a break from the battle but never to give up. This article touches up on all these aspects and has a positive effect on the reader.
on 27/04/2013
Nice words, these recommendations are perfect to improve a life and have a more successful development daily with friends and work, which is wanted by everybody. Try to avoid stress since it is a major cause of diseases and problems, thanks for the article! It really cheered me up!

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