Improving the certification and labeling of organic products Verbessern der Zertifizierung und Kennzeichnung von ökologischen Erzeugnissen Mejorar la certificación y etiquetado de los productos ecológicos


Improving the certification and labeling of organic products

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Improving the certification and labeling of organic products

Given that the demand for organic products has increased considerably in recent years, and with it the problems related to proper labeling of foods derived from this form of agriculture, the Agriculture Committee of Parliament has approved a report to define its position with regard to certification and labeling of these products.

Its objectives are to improve information and increase consumer protection.

To a product being considered organic, it cannot have been genetically engineered, according to the report of the European Parliament, recalled that the rules allow to be labeled as organic where contamination of the food does not exceed 0.9%. In addition, Member States should take measures to avoid any contamination, according to the text presented yesterday in Parliament. She also requested that neither organic agriculture or in veterinary medicine may be used products obtained through genetic manipulation to prevent irregularities and to strengthen the regulation of labeling.

Product labels should enable traceability, and include the European logo that distinguishes the food containing 95% of organic components, regardless of the use of other private labels, according to this document.

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1 Reviews about Improving the certification and labeling of organic products
on 23/10/2014
I definitely agree that this is something that needs to be done. There is so much abiguity in the market, not only regarding which is which, but what exactly ORGANIC means...and to what degree things are organic. A lot of people think that just because something is labeled "organic" that is doesn't have chemicals on it - not true.

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