III Week of Barcelona’s Organic Cuisine III Woche für Biologisches Essen III Semana de Gastronomía Biológica

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III Week of Barcelona’s Organic Cuisine

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III Week of Barcelona’s Organic Cuisine

On May, the third week of Organic Cuisine in Barcelona begins. As in previous editions, this is getting the quality and virtues of organic products to as many citizens as possible. To that end, the week will carry out mass tastings of organic production, cooking workshops led by expert chefs, presentations to the press and media... Also, while the week will introduce bio products in the letters of famous restaurants and conduct a campaign to bring this kind of respectful and healthy food to schools, hospitals, markets, and so on.

People say that the third will be lucky. But the fact is that since its birth, the Week of Barcelona’s Organic Cuisine has a great acceptance among the media and consumers. This year's impact is on bringing food to those groups or biological groups that are not yet accustomed to this type of product. Tastings, cooking workshops, promotional campaigns, the introduction of bio products in the letters of great restaurants and hotels, tastings in local markets ... main objective is that organic food break the boundaries of the "ghetto of conscience" and reach more people and other sectors of consumption. The organic foods are good for everyone, for the consumer, for the land, for ecosystems, for farmers and local economies. Fair, therefore, is to give them the widest possible distribution.

Quality above all 

But let us not forget that we are talking about the Week of Barcelona’s Organic Cuisine. Therefore, the essence or origin of this initiative is to emphasize the virtues health, environmental or economic impact of this type of food. Speaking of food we have to look, obviously, the organoleptic qualities of these products. And in that sense, it should be noted that foods are produced according to the rhythms of nature, craft and the more (in most cases) obeying the laws of the traditional forms of production are the best products that can offer the market today. The best chefs from around the world recognize it. Also in terms of nutrition, organic food has a number of advantages that are not in conventional products from the food industry.

The Mediterranean kitchen 

Mediterranean foods are the kings of the kitchen. Exclusively with organic ingredients, different chefs working in the Week of Barcelona’s Organic Cuisine to prepare dishes based on the own ingredients and traditional recipes from different cuisines around the Mediterranean, from the most traditional dishes of Catalan to the exotic recipes from across the Mediterranean, the Italian pasta, soups of North Africa, Greek cheeses, and so on. The chefs give one of their favorite recipes and this book will be published by Editorial Gedisa. Today, this is an ideal for all the environmentalists who aspire to have a form of healthy food and environmentally responsible.

Emancipated week

Until this third edition, the Week of Barcelona’s Organic Cuisine took advantage of the infrastructure of Bioculture to start in the city. But, according to Angeles Parra, director of the fair, "this will be the last week of Gastronomy". Let's say that in a very short time, the week 'is increasing', and requires independent, emancipated time. According to Parra, "it has surprised us all the success of this initiative. It is clear that the media and the public increasingly want to opt for a healthy diet and as natural as possible. It is obvious that the desire for information in this regard is calling schools, organizations, and even catering companies. And obviously, in that sense, it will be better than the week takes place on dates other than the Bioculture. We can put all our energy on it and information on organic products not only focus on the days of the fair, but will be extended to other times of the year."

Classroom Cooking in Bioculture from May 5th to 8th 10 to 20 h.
Palau Sant Jordi. Barcelona.
Access: Free bus from Pl Spain.
Organized by Asociación Vida Sana

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1 Reviews about III Week of Barcelona’s Organic Cuisine
on 05/02/2014
And now almost all places in the world have a nice week dedicated to the organic food and the preparations, and I have gone to some, you can find amazing products and recipes there, and of course learn a lot of new stuff, because even though we are going backwards in the history, we learn more useful things

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