III International Yoga Festival in Argentina III Internationale Yoga Festival in Argentinien III Festival Internacional de Yoga en Argentina


III International Yoga Festival in Argentina

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III International Yoga Festival in Argentina

On Friday September 15th, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th, the Third International Yoga Festival will take place in Buenos Aires.

This is a massive gathering of professionals and students of SwáSthya Yoga in the presence of the Maestro DeRose and other recognized authorities in the world of Yoga. There will be experiences of the best Old Yoga teachers, and a course of Master DeRose in agreement with the National Technological University which will be issued with certificates of Yoga Instructor. Moreover, in the context of this event, an event that will contribute to the expansion of SwáSthya in our country: the launch of Chakras and Kundalini, Teacher DeRose, translated into Spanish.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to participate by reserving your seat with Yoga Travel, tel. (51) 3331-8759.

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1 Reviews about III International Yoga Festival in Argentina
on 01/12/2015
Two things that I absolutely love here: Argentina, and yoga!! I'm so bummed I missed this, but it sounds like maybe this was the third one in a row...are they having it again? And if so...will they have another festival in Argentina, or do they travel each year?

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